What Are You Afraid Of? Learn How Julie Moved Up The Career Ladder Without Having To Quit Her Job. She Is Now A Business Analyst


A lot of people are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of taking that bold step of having to apply for a new role and the risks that come with having to quit your current role in order to focus on gaining the practical work experience required to secure a BA or PM role. What if you didn’t have to quit your job? What if you could move up the career ladder within your current place of employment. Check out Julie’s success story and how she did it:

NationalArchivesLogoGood morning Keji,

I joined DBT last year March to April 2014 for my sessions, I did get
involved in a couple of projects.

An internal post for Business Analyst did come up at The National
Archives where have been working, I applied for and I got the job

I was working as Technical Analyst on the services desk. Being an
Internal Job, they have not asked for reference from DBT.

When I started my role, most of the Business Analyst documentations
were missing, what I brought from my experience from working on DBT
projects Epics and  Gherkin Syntax .

The development team had never heard off it and the Enterprise
Architect became aware of it while going through my Requirement
Catalog documentation and soon later when he was interviewing a

He came and asked me where I have learnt about Gherkin syntax, I told
him from DBT and he was so taken back at how easy user stories and
epics makes for sprinting and daily scrum and how well structured
gherkin syntax makes it easy for testing.

These have now been incorporated and become a standard for BA documentations.

I have mentioned the above to let all in house DBT BA  looking for
roles in the market not to give up, because ones in the  BA field  you
will be surprised at how much as a BA you have learnt from getting
your hands dirty and probably a better BA than those you will be
working with.

I am currently working on Back Office Applications enhancements and
some of the applications are cross government departments

DBT really rocks on all levels.


Julliet Alum

NB: This the first step in to BA role and I look forward to another role in the
City preferable.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.02.07


Now it’s your turn. 

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