What Happens When Two DBT Candidates Find Themselves Working for the Same Company

This message came in yesterday from one of our candidates.

“Hey stranger! How are you doing? Longest time. Hope you are well. I just met a fellow DBT coming on to my programme with MOD Corsham. His name is Emmanuel Umoke! We are taking over mate..😂 weldone for your continuous hard work. I must come back to the platform to acquire more skills. What’s the in – thing happening on the platform now?

My pastor, Rufus, also told me sometime ago he was in touch with you.”

And this morning we got his success story


“My Oga at the Top!

Greetings. As promised this is my success story and I hope it helps to encourage a true aspirant.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you immensely for all you do, for your doggedness and encouragement in bringing the best out of us and encouraging us not to ever settle for less. May God bless you sir!

You will remember the last time we spoke (in one of our meetings), I mentioned that I had been at DBT since 2012. Shortly before that conversation, I had actually attended an interview and got a role in November 2017 with the Defence Security and Laboratory Technology (DSTL) in Porton Down, Salisbury. I was awaiting their checks to be carried out before sending in my success story to DBT. They conducted their references and checks and everything came clear or so I thought! After two and a half months of waiting for a start date, they suddenly withdrew the offer of employment because I held dual nationality. I was very disappointed but I kept going. I simply went back to studying, attending meetings and preparing for my next opportunity.

I then got a call from an agency on 16/03/2018 regarding a PMO Analyst role with the Ministry of Defence to work on an Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and MODNet migration programme. My agent said he liked my CV and felt that I had the skills required for a role which he was recruiting for and would like to put me forward for it. I gave him the required permission to submit my CV to the employer. I was then invited to attend an interview on 20/03/2018. I was successful and they asked me to start on 27/03/2018. They didn’t even bother with references or anything else. They said that they were really happy with my interview and the fact that I held a security clearance was enough for them. The beautiful thing also is I got a 55% salary increase from the DSTL role! How cool is that?

Things that I did while I waited for my next opportunity.

While I was waiting for another interview after the DSTL disappointment, I attended meetings at DBT and contributed. I researched key (new) industry trends, spent time online on YouTube, Udemy and e-Workexperience and registered for courses to learn new skills. I even transcribed (hand-written) one of the interview videos which you (Keji) did on “How to prepare for an interview” and used it to work out/prepare my own answers and also applied how I had done some of the tasks on various projects that I had been involved in. The STAR interview method really works for me. I spent time watching videos on Microsoft Dynamics particularly the one that I recently shared on the forum. I also researched Big Data Analytics, practiced Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project and a few others. They are particular about budgets, forecasts etc. When I was discussing some of my Digital experience gained at DBT, my interviewers were transfixed as if I was from outer space! They were nodding in agreement (not the patronizing kind). To be fair, I doubt if they had come across many of the tools we use. I kid you not, for those still doubting, DBT is light years ahead of the competition! It is difficult to find another organisation that can match most of what we do, the methodology we employ, the tools we use and the concentration of world class professionals working for top organisations who all collaborate daily to help us gain industry-based skills anywhere else!

This role is an ongoing one for 12 months. It would be my 4th contract role (3 with MoD and one with the Ministry of Justice). In planning for the future, I am already registered for the CRM Salesforce training. I am also going to register for the Big Data training next week. I am glad these opportunities exist at DBT and as far as they keep coming, I am happy to continue learning.

One strange thing that also happened at this new place is that a former DBT candidate also works on my team! Can you beat that? We even (unknowingly) worked on the same project although we never met. He didn’t recognize my face but I remembered his name and remembered mine too. Thankfully, I did not disappoint when we worked toge ther at DBT or else, I am sure I would not have got the role. He has since being putting in good words for me as he has been here for about a year. I guess the message is treat everyone you meet with respect. You never know!

I am grateful to God for answered prayers. A big thank you to friends, colleagues, and the entire DBT team/family especially Uyi and the office staff who listen patiently and assist with my numerous queries. I am eternally grateful. Wishing everyone the very best.

My final advice, get your hands dirty, in fact, roll in the DBT mud! You will secure a great role, with a great pay and you can buy soap to clean up afterwards. Lol. You will do well!



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