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What if you could be in a new role in 8 – 20 weeks time as a project manager of business analyst earning up to £11,000 a month as a contractor, would you do what it takes?

Thousands of our candidates have secured life changing PM and BA roles within the financial, oil and gas, government, technology and digital sector with their contracts being renewed constantly.

IMG_2546We even have employees of these companies coming to gain experience with us solely because of the amazing work our candidates have been doing.

This Saturday the 28th of May from 11am, Keji Giwa, our founder and CEO will be holding an all day free training session.

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Hi Keji,
I finally got my success story together! Yay!

I go on the DBT train Sept 2015 for the Saturdays classes and was really encourage that I could make the career change I wanted so much and for so long.
I watched the videos and qualified for a mentor in November but I did not understand the ecosystem well and I did not understand that I needed to push for what I wanted.
I was working and couldn’t combine the stress of my job and learning new skills on top of everything else so I kinda fell off the train.
I eventually resigned from my job to focus on this change and I gave myself a timeframe to learn and understand what it is to be a BA.  I wanted it in my DNA.  I started sending messages round on Basecamp that I was available to work and I eventually go a role in a Project. I also finally got a fantastic mentor Olyne.
With her and the Killer CV session I got my CV sorted and she started pushing me to apply with a target of at least 10 jobs a day.  I attended meetings, got involved, presented at meetings while studying and putting theory to practice. I also joined my project PMO team to learn more.
On May 8th, I got a call about a job I was worried I couldn’t but I agreed to go for the interview after the agent kept chasing me.
On the 12th I got another call that they had come across my CV and would I be happy for a telephone interview? Between Olyne and Yvonne Hughes (she had given an interview Q & A session the weekend before and I thought there was not harm getting tips from) I had a phone interview where only one question was asked and I was through to the face to face interview.  The face to face interview was less than 30 mins and I left wondering what had happened because the interviewers did not take any notes at all. Feedback was to be the following day but I got a call the same afternoon offering me the role and I’m currently onboarding.
Many thanks to you Keji for a great platform and your constant encouragement to push harder and reach higher.  Special thanks to Olyne…the wonder woman, Yvonne, Grace, Mando for your support and encouragement but mostly THANK GOD!

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