What if you knew the 7 steps you needed to take to secure a well paid project management or business analysis role?

dbt (47)Have I got your attention now?

What if you could achieve this within 8 – 12 weeks. It may take longer for some depending on their level of commitment but over the last 10 years, here’s what we’ve found:

With over 2,000 placements to date, a minimum of 11 of our candidates securing PM & BA roles each month and an ecosystem of over 1,400 PM and BA professionals, we think we’ve got the winning formula and here it is:

Step 1:
Gain in intensive hands on training in project management and business analysis. You need to be trained on the job and not just going through theoretical stuff alone. You need to try it out yourself, make mistakes, get corrected and learn under extreme pressure. This hastens your progress.

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Trust me here – Over 2,000 placements and 11 new candidates securing jobs each month speaks volumes. It’s a tried and tested approach. Learn more

Step 2:
Once you’ve completed your one week or 4 weekend intensive training session, you then need to join our robust ecosystem of seasoned project management and business analysis professionals. dbt (4)1,400+ to be exact. We use basecamp for this. An extremely robust and effective collaborative tool which enables the fostering of team work, knowledge sharing and management. You will be assigned to all projects within the DBT program office. This way you can shadow PMs and BAs as they manage projects, learning from the best. Check out the projects here:

Step 3:
Here is where it gets really hard and it requires your commitment. I never told you it would be easy but it’s certainly worth it. You think earning up to £550 a day is a walk in the park?

whatissharepointIf you are not ready to give it your all at this stage, there is no point. You will need to be calling in to daily mentoring sessions, daily tutorial sessions on how to use MS Projects, Sharepoint, Jira, MS Excel, Powerpoint, Jira, Confluence, MS Visio / Gliffy, Basalmiq, and so much more. There is no point applying for work if you can’t use these tools at an intermediate level. We will get you from novice to intermediate and if you continue to practice then advance level. Learn more here:

Step 4:
Make good use of our e-learning platform. Find out which role best suites your personality, PM or BA. Listen to video tutorials of seasoned professionals teaching on the job as we record sessions for you to go back and listen to. dbt (12)Use the test your knowledge app a lot and also the interview Q & A tests. Check it out here: You wil need a live account to access the e-learning platform.

Step 5:
By this stage, you are ready to apply for a role within our parent company Digital Bananas Technology ( It’s time to start contributing to projects. Here is the good news. You will be working on live projects with real timelines and real budgets meaning if you mess up, you will get shouted at but not fired. Remember it’s still a learning environment. Start shadowing a seasoned PM or BA, contribute to the project by taking roles as easy as minute taking, filling out a checkpoint report, updating a project plan or updating the RAID document. Eventually your lead PM or BA will trust you enough to give you an assistant role and finally a lead role.

Step 6:
Get yourself a mentor. Here is a fantastic reason why you need to do this:

mentoringWe have helped thousands of people over the years and we invite past candidates who are now seasoned professionals in their field to come and mentor newbies. There is no better way to learn, especially from someone who has been there done that and is willing to help you. Our list of mentors are here:, however you will need an active account to access them.

Step 7:
Start applying for jobs. Here’s is the fantastic news:
dbt (2)
No other training platform roles outs projects every quarter like we do. We have become pretty efficient in deploying digital projects within a 12 – 16 week period, meaning you will always have something to show off to employers right after you have gained practical work experience. The best part is that you can show off what you have built at the interview. For example if you were part of the trading places project, you will show off the Tellallmyfriends iPhone app: If you were part of the Event Horizon project, you will show off the Here’s My Card app for iPhone and Android:

What next?
Now let’s be brutally honest here. How on earth can you not secure a job within 8 – 12 weeks if you are fully committed and focused. It’s all on you. Your work, your investment and you deserve to be paid for it. All we do is provide the platform for you to flourish and succeed in life.

Now what happens if you have not gotten a job in 8 – 12 weeks?

That’s not a problem. We will not drive you away and say you are all done. You can stay on and keep gaining more work experience until you secure a job. In fact, the longer it takes the more experienced you have and the higher your chances of securing a PM or BA role.

Here at Career Insights, you mature and become more valuable to employers the longer it takes.

What if I do get a job within 8 – 12 weeks, does not mean I loose access to all the e-learning materials and collaborative ecosystem? I may need support on the job!

You honestly don’t have to worry about that. You can stay on for as long as you like. Don’t forget we need you to mentor others coming behind you. We will need you later just as much as you needed us.

Over here at Digital Bananas Technology, we are a family and our doors are open to you. Join us today.

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