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Hey Keji hope you’re well. I have been placed by a new recruitment agency that requires references so I’ll need a reference for my work with DBT. I’ve already started I just won’t be paid until references come through I’m not sure If they’ve been in contact yet.

It’s another PMO Analyst contract within the NHS organisation.

Many thanks,

I’ve been with the same agency for 2 and half years and in that time 4 contracts

This is my fifth

Thank you

It was February 2015 to July 2015 and I worked in the programme office as a PMO Analyst

We thank God indeed! Advise for existing candidates is to never stop learning. Keep at it. Under promise and overdeliver has worked very well for me.

Word of advice from another successful candidate

Hi Keji,

I just want to thank you and your team for all your help. Keep doing what you are doing. I must say my MSc in Project Management did not prepare me like DBT did.

It is quite critical that everyone gets their hands dirty in DBT. Getting your hands dirty gives you the opportunity to have in-depth practical know- how in Managing projects and Business Analysing that many companies will not expose one to. In DBT you are allowed to make mistakes and be corrected on the Platform. In reality mistakes could cost one their job, so why not make mistakes where you will be corrected. Very good systems, methodologies, tools, procedures and processes are implemented in DBT, ensure you utilize them to your advantage. Many big organisations are looking for PMs who can bring more structure and better workflow to their IT Dept which normally includes their PMO, DBT’s platform empowers one to produce solutions to such problems

Please never get upset when Keji is strict and difficult it really helps 2 folds, one you become thorough in researching and presenting to the project board. Secondly, you know how to handle a difficult stakeholder. Questions concerning difficult stakeholders pop up severally in interviews. Getting your hands dirty makes you embrace good working ethics which gives as an employee a competitive edge most times.

Please whilst getting your hands dirty keep a record in your journal of big risks issues, conflicts and negotiation and what you did to resolve such. This helps you use STAR technique effectively for your interviews.

Please get your hands dirty it gives you great confidence and the skills to execute your duties and responsibilities effectively as a PM, BA or PMO Analyst and in other aspects of your life. Getting your hands dirty will not break you, but make you and give you great exposure, exposure, exposure.

I wish you all great success!

As long as you are willing to get your hands dirty, the success stories will keep rolling in.

Hi Keji,

I have been offered a Programme Controller role with the government and need reference from you. 2014, I was with DBT working on various projects within TAMF programme and other programmes.

Please keep me anonymous. Thanks.

Best Regards,

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