What Just Happened Here? Progressing From A Business Analyst To A Project Manager


burberryWhile Obama is taking a break trying to figure out what’s going on here at Career Insights, Anita who secured a Business Analyst role with Burberry earlier on this year has now been taken on permanently as a project manager.

She went in as a BA and is now staying on as a PM.

Career progression is assured with Career Insights.

To say that we are overwhelmed with joy is an understatement.

We have always held the strong belief that no one is really 100% BA or PM. Everyone has the ability to analyse and manage however some are extremely skilled in one compared to the other.

When you take our PM and BA personality test, we give you a % variation in each one. Letting you know which one you are stronger in. Some people end up with a 50% split in each and when this happens our advice to them is to start off as a BA and work their way up to being a PM as they gain practical work experience working on our projects.

Today we are seeing the fruits of their labour:

Check out Anita’s success story:

“Hi Keji,
Hope you are well and having a good Bank Holiday weekend.
Good news: Went in as a BA; staying on as a PM.
My temporary contract with Burberry as a Business Analyst has ended as that project is now complete. I implemented the solutions I created throughout the company in the UK and they are now being rolled out to the company worldwide.
I have been offered a permanent role with them as a Project Manager. I’m always thankful first and foremost to God. Secondly, for the great experience I got when working with you. I apply daily what I learnt with DBT (re: personal effort, having the mind-set of taking responsibility for the project as a whole no matter my own role, good stakeholder management and clear presentation) and it has served me well. Still getting my hands dirty. Thank you!
Kind regards, Anita.”

Pretty impressive right? Well, check out what she had to say about her interview:

Anita just sent this. It’s a must read:

Definitely. I used so many examples that u grilled me on (whilst presenting to u) in my interviews. The one the interviewers liked most was this example:

Not sure if u remember this, but when we were trying to get Anton to work on the NFS widget over the Trading Places app, u asked me to convince you of why you should give us Anton for 2 days. I kept whining that we need to finish before the deadline etc. You then taught us that the trick is to convince you that YOU as the Sponsor, needed it more that we the NFS project did, as it would make money quicker for u, which would be of greater importance to you than me finishing my project. They liked that one.
They also liked the examples of waking up early for scrum meetings every morning, and being able to understand everything Anton was saying, in his Ukrainian accent, even cracking jokes with him. I remember that after Anton left those meetings, some people online used to ask me what the heck we were talking about, since they couldn’t understand a thing! They loved that one too.
True life examples, I experienced them through getting my hands dirty with DBT. Thank you!

You can read Anita’s first success story here. Now let’s get you started:

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