What our candidates have to say about the platform- ’DBT IS GOOD’

What our candidates have to say about the platform- ’DBT IS GOOD’

Over the past 10 years, we have celebrated more than 4000 success stories and we are still counting, it feels good to celebrate with all our hardworking deserving candidates, but it also feels good to be celebrated and appreciated

I got back into the country to these wonderful, honest testimonies from our candidates and it sure feels good, a motivator to do better.

Honestly, I am not one of those Keji kiss A*** .
But I think Keji need to stop shouting from the roof top, let them buy and see if it good or not.

I have been at DBT for a while and decided to be serious in October 2017.

By November I get my 1st job, this month I started a new job with fantastic pay.

DBT IS GOOD, I SAY IT AGAIN IN CAPITAL LETTERS. DBT IS GOOD. There is always room for improvement, let build rather then pulling it down.

But some of us go for deliverance without writing what we want to be delivered from. Then God shows up and give u little help and then we say there is no God.

I know what I wanted from day one, I couldn’t have achieved it without the help of wonderful Caroline who blessed me in my 1st day in the classroom and the greatest time in DBT The 1st week of Oct 2017 class you are all a blessing. Thank you so much.

Temmy OMG, let me join you insinging the praise of Keji Giwa @careerinsightstv . I asked for the oppoutunity to speak during Digital Landlord unfortunately he did not call me.
Keji, I have vowed and told a few on this platform that my first day pay will go into your pocket and my reasons are:
Networking — I have made amazing friends Michell Hoyte, Josiah Famurewa, Teri Silo, Iyabo Okwuraiwe, Yinka Onosanya and learnt so much from them and the platfom.

I joined this platform in November 2017 things I have done even me speaking the lingo is all credited to you and this pleaform.

The CI may not be organized and seriously you are not here to baby anyone. Check out my page… I am still far from where I want to be.

People need to speak out and ask question.
My friend Edmonson Riddle always says there is no stupid question, “the only stupid question is the one you refuse to ask”
I will particularly appreciate @Femi for his eagle eye.

@Femi Adedoyin is a real life Stakeholder and trust me you will meet many like him! He wants justification why he is paying you that much hence I always look forward to his meeting because I must learn a think or two. However, I dread the day I will present to him yet I cannot wait for the oppourtunity to present to him because I will gain a thing or two.
Don’t let me continue like I have said to many Keji you can do no wrong yet there is room for improvement.

@Shakor my guy will says Keji, you do not get enough appreciation for what you have done on us. I will shout it everywhere and I have been recommending this platform to everyone.


Mercy well said. We have a great platform. Good work too, you are an expert now

Well said, Mercy! Keji is indeed a blessing

It is good to see candidates who are not only self motivated and motivate others, but they also appreciate what we do.

There’s no doubt that with this kind of mindset, they are ready and determined to get their success story and they sure will. in a matter of weeks, we will gladly be posting their success stories.

Our candidates reward us for making a success story out of them

What a good way to start the new month, we anticipate bigger things with CRM roles, more Hybrid roles, more BA/PM/PMO roles and of course our digital landlord and Annexcoin.

What are you doing about it

As February begins, don’t just read these stories with wishful thinking, take steps to ensure you are one step closer to that career move this year, and make sure whatever step you take is in the right direction, because some people take steps but in the wrong direction which is better than standing, but not good.

Now you have a blueprint of success in these success stories, take the map, and get moving.

What other successful candidates have to say

We keep celebrating success stories every year, This 2018, our aim is 8000+

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