What Does Success Looks Like? Abi Secures A Portfolio Analyst Role With GSK


This is what success looks like to Abi:

Hi Keji ,

My name is Abi xxxx And I thank God. I wonder most times how you came up with the DBT/CI concept…and just wondered and wondered ….concluding that it must be DIVINE. God bless you Keji .

I joined CI sometime in March/April 2015 – and opened my heart to learn. Ayo Nunu…God bless you. Twinkle of an eye- …5 days passed completed my class room intensive studies and I became fully involved in a couple of projects. I started from report writing, and enjoyed taking minutes. For me minutes taking gave me a holistic view of what the project was all about, who’s doing what, why, when and how.

I worked on a couple of projects Pixels, CI Referral System 2, BankMyPals, CSI Complaints and took up various roles – Project Coordinator, PMO Lead, DPM and later PM.

I utilised all the DBT resources – from training manuals, videos, Q& A, personality test, tools and the eco system. And the programme leadership were very supportive and accessible. I related very well with Adore, Ola and Nda; and learnt so much from them. Adore will push, and push. I don’t think she is able to stop pushing, and the push is most certainly in the right direction.

I related and learnt from my peers and also shared with anyone I came across on different projects. I must mention Kemi, Ope, Charity, Emeka, Sylvia, Funmi, Ayo Omotoye, Chidinma Okuagu, Esther Okpala, Peter M…and Theresa Ajasa……the list just goes on.


My mentor is/ was Otillia – She came across as very professional, knowledgeable and driven. She had a structure to mentoring which worked well for me. She supported with my CV and I connected much better with my CV. I understood it and owned it. She helped me understand how recruiters think and their reasons, and how to engage them withought wasting my time. She called me impromptu a couple of times and carried out mock interviews. I struggled a little bit but she kept on pushing and pushing until I was ready. And she was happy; I could just sense her joy as I improved. She had a stake in me ….me succeeding meant she’s succeeded.

I and Rotimi Ige attended the training together and worked across a couple of projects. She got a contract role with GSK, and we still kept in torch. I had catch up sessions with her almost on a daily basis since she got her role .We talked about what she did today, and broke every contact, interaction and engagement down, the what, why, when and how, who etc. …Went through various reports and tools .She constantly kept on the look out for me with various roles .In some cases… she signposted recruiters to me. God bless you Timi. She encouraged me to always be on the look out on GSK website and apply for roles .And I did and was successful landing a portfolio analyst role with GSK.

I am glad to be in the eco system and will always be here to support others. See you all at the TOP…..


What makes our candidates so successful at securing high paying PM & BA roles with major blue chip companies?

A collaborative eWorkexperience environment with constant mentoring and support from people who used to be where they were and now where they want to be plus working on live innovative digital projects.

We are Career Insights and Otillia is back as one of our top performing mentors after taking her maternity leave.

Welcome back Otillia we miss you. Let’s also take this time to thank Rotimi Ige who is also now a mentor here at Career Insights. As you can see, she is not afraid to carry others along.

Now it’s your turn.

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