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From: Michael J
Date: 6 February 2016 at 08:28:33 GMT
Subject: Success story

Hi Keji, hope you’re well.

I just wanted to share my success story that was heavily aided by Career Insights/DBT. I attended one of you weekly courses in the summer of 2013 with the interest of perusing a career as a Project Manager, of which I immediately joined the EH Facecard team. Round about that time I took on a new role which had me travelling often and became very demanding, and was therefore quite difficult to stay committed (without the potentially of letting the team down), consequently I temporarily stepped away for DBT.

I returned at a later date, joined another team as well as doing a bit of additional work/revision on the side in order to really prepare me to finally tackle my goal of landing a Project Manager role this time around.

I attended 4 interviews of which I got through to the final stage for 3 of them. Unfortunately I didn’t land the one I really wanted, but fortunately and by the grace of God I landed the one I believed to be the one I needed!

I am now 6 months into what initially started as a 2 year Project Management contract within the Finance sector (of which my boss offered a permanent role 6 weeks into my employment). I have just delivered the largest Project the company has ever done (so I have been told) which has delivered £1,000,000 revenue in under 10 weeks of being in the market, and have also been nominated as Employee of the year too.

Not only did DBT aid me in landing this role, the exposure to the BA methods and ways of working has helped me to analyse and develop a concept of my own, which I intend to have built and hopefully brought to market (Q4) 2016/17.

I just wanted to say thank you and well done for the platform you have created at DBT over there in Greenwich.

Hopefully our paths meet again

Best regards

Michael Johnson

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