What To Expect From Us In 2016 Quality, Speed and Efficiency


Your life is about to change in 2016 and here is what you should expect from us:

With an exponential growth mandate for 2016, you will get the following from Career Insights:bb1

1. Guaranteed eWorkexperience available and accessible 24-7 on web and mobile. Gain experience from anywhere in the world.

2. Super fast turnaround from ‘in training’ to ‘first day at work’

3. Low cost personal mentoring until you secure your first role and on the job support after.

4. Work experience that enables you to choose from over 10 high paying roles and the ability to work anywhere in the world.

5. An ecosystem of 3,000 strong and access to over 300 professional PMs and BAs already in the job market willing to support you until you secure your first role and on the job support.

6. Super fast response time.

7. Revenue potentials directly from us paying up to £3000 a month once you graduate to become a mentor.

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