What you Install in your Brain Decides How Much you Earn in Life

I always tell my candidates this.

The difference between the guy on £20k per year and the guy on £100k per year is the software he has installed in his brain.

I can buy a £3k Mac book with software that allows me to produce work that’s pays me £40,000 a job while the same person can have the same £3k software and uses it to watch YouTube videos not making money.

The same analogy applies to what we feed our brain.

Everyone has a brain worth £trillions. As you are sitting there right now you are a £trillionaire.

In fact you are priceless but what you install in your brain will decide how much you earn in life.

43% of the UK work force lack the digital skills required to help companies compete in today’s digital economy. It’s so bad that they have created digital talent visa scheme for immigrants. The same immigrants they want out of the country.

Now you live in the UK, companies are begging for digital talent, paying up to £500 p/day for it and you don’t have skills required. Does that make any sense?

You have a choice, install the digital skills required into you Mac brain and get paid that amount or keep installing your brain with procrastination, believing in miracles, waiting to win the lottery, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram etc and unable to monetise your brain.

Pretty scary right?

By 2020 customers will manage 85% of their interactions with enterprises without interacting with humans meaning in exactly 2yrs, customer service jobs will mostly disappear, cashier job at Sainsbury’s will be gone, tellers / cashiers in banks will disappear. Any job that can be digitised or automated gone for life.

Self driving cars give or take 10yrs
Robots in factories automating fulfilment orders 100% active in China and utilised by Amazon.

Supermarkets with no one to serve you. Amazon launched that last year.

Automation and digitisation will rule and those with the skill sets to analyse, manage and build these applications will thrive.

As a result ToyRUs shut down
Thousands of details stores in Uk shutting down due to the digital age and mobile savvy customers who do everything on the move and on their mobile.

Pubs shutting down because people can now watch that fav games on the move.

It is only common sense to make sure in 2yrs you have 2yrs work experience as a digital expert and today, in 3–6 months time be experienced enough to secure your first role as a digital expert.

This is not something to contemplate on. That’s you literally stealing from your future each time you waste.

It’s simple really, you want to succeed in the digital age which is here to stay, you start now. You want to fail, you procrastinate and do nothing.

You are not here by mistake. But not everyone who is shown the way follow the path.

Opportunity is presented not because we are lucky but because we are prepared and smart enough to grab it. Now take advantage of the opportunity.

Decisions made based on cost will cost you the opportunity it presents, which is far more greater than what you think is costs now.

Decisions made based on opportunities breed more opportunities. It’s a Ripple effect.

What you pay here you will make back in 2–3 days of contracting while the rest of your contract if it’s a year contract will be more than 100 times the amount you paid.

Let me explain:

You pay £699 now

In 3–6 mths you secure a £350 a day Job. In 3 days you have covered the cost.

If it’s a year contract, there £84,000 in a year.

So it cost you £699 to make £84,000.

It is better take a £699 cost now for £84,000 then to let go of a £699 cost to lose £84,000.

Hence the saying:

If you make decisions based on cost it will cost you over 100 times more.

A typical example is Digital Landlord. I have a lawyer who I pay relatively cheap for but he is not a real estate corporate lawyer. I was stuck. I could try to work around things but I realised eventually it would cost me everything.

So I got in touch with a real estate corporate lawyer who was highly recommended but does not come cheap.

£7000 up front. I weighed the cost of not Using him and closed my eyes and hired him.

I kid you not, his hard work has just secured us a £520,000,000 real estate portfolio which we are closing on this coming Monday.

If I didn’t use him it would have cost me half a million pounds in missed opportunity. Now I am thinking, £7k is Peanuts.

So what did I do right?
I didn’t have the legal software downloaded in my brain to get the job done so I used my brain to hire someone who had the legal software downloaded already and paid for it.

I made a decision based on opportunity and not based on cost.

I hope this really helps someone today.

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