Why Personal Mentoring Practical Work Experience Is Key To Securing Your First Portfolio Analyst Role

IMG_5641When Otillia, one of our lead mentors within the DBT programme and management office messaged me yesterday informing me that one of our candidates had secured a Portfolio Analyst role with Capita, I couldn’t hide my excitement. In 2014, we helped over 200 candidates secure PM and BA jobs. This year we are aiming for 400 candidates and the success stories keep rolling in.

It all started with a decision to create a work based learning environment for candidates who were interested in securing high paying jobs in project management or business analysis. The training was tailored to people with no prior work experience and they were given the opportunity to work on live tech projects under the supervision of the programme  office. As time went on we decided to get candidates who had secured jobs to start mentoring the newbies as well. Who better to guide you than someone who was once where you were and now where you want to be?

The combination of hands-on training, practical work experience working on multiple live tech projects, group mentoring, using industry standard tools and personal mentoring has been the reason for our high success rates. It is with great pleasure that I share with you our latest success story. Well done Otillia for being a great mentor to this candidate. We have chosen not to display the name of this candidate as she requested to remain anonymous.

Hello Keji,

I am delighted to let you know that I  just secured a Portfolio Analyst role with Capita.  It has been a long awaited opportunity, I’ve been on this platform for quite a while but I did not rush into applying for any role until I felt satisfied that I’m ready.

I want take this opportunity to thank Otilla for her support, in revising my CV and her input made a difference.

I cannot but thank the people on the projects that I have worked Money Train, IOS, trading places , Phoenix and in particular my Learn group Saliee , Ayodeji and Abimbola you are all amazing.

To those on the platform my advice is to take your time, to perfect your skills and understand what you are doing before applying for jobs and I am sure your success story will be the next.

DBT is an excellent platform that has helped a lot of us to develop our skills, so continue the hard work and surely your success story is just round the corner.

I wish you all the best.

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