Why Size Matters Especially When It Comes To Getting The Job Done.


why-size-mattersWhy do you have such a dirty mind?

This is about how a 2,000 strong ecosystem of project management and business analysis professionals is changing the lives of over 20 new candidates a month.

Within days of Otillia securing her second role as a CRM Project Manager, one of her mentees contacted her informing her that she had also secured a project role they spent the night before preparing for. As this candidate has asked to remain anonymous, we will call her Mystic as she is a superhero.

Mystic had the support of a 2,000 strong ecosystem of project management and business analysis professionals working on multiple live tech based projects and gaining practical work experience from the moment she completed her intensive training with Career Insights. Having a high number of people available to guide you through, coach you and encourage you through your learning and job hunting process is priceless however when the support system is so large you always have someone to call at your point of need, success becomes assured.

Hello Keji. How are you today. Remember I told you that my joy would be full when I hear the good news from my candidates that went for interviews; well one of my lovely mentees, ###############, who was also in my Matrix CRM (Salesforce) Project, went for an interview on Friday, we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning preparing reports and presentations for her interview , well, the days and nights of coaching, encouraging, CV writing & review, interview preparations and prayers has paid off. The agent called her yesterday to give her the good news, she has been offered the role of a PMO Analyst( Programme Level as she will be supporting multiple projects at the same time) She will tell you the rest as she is sending her success story very soon. Glory to God.



The night before her interview, she called Otillia and they both spent all night prepping for it with Otillia taking her through a number of mock interview questions and relating them to the multiple projects she has worked on since she had been at DBT. Size does matter these days, especially when it comes to the number of projects you have worked on. Most employers want you to demonstrate that you have the ability to work on multiple projects without breaking under pressure. One project is no longer good enough and that’s because most project related jobs these  days are within the programme office where multiple programmes and projects are managed.

You can check out Mystic’s success story below:

Hi keji, I just secured a permanent project administrator role. The company is one of the market leader in providing software for online betting and gaming industry.

I would like to remain anonymous on facebook and basecamp

I just want to return all the glory to God for making this possible, it has not been an easy journey, I joined Dbt last year June. I went through different challenges, but I never gave up. I just want to thank everyone that has been of help to me, they know themselves. Not forgetting my matrix team members. You guys are awesome


With over 20 success stories each month and growing, size does matter. Call us to join our long list of success stories.

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Check out Otillia’s story.

4 things we don’t do here:

1. We don’t give certificates. You can get that from The Knowledge Academy (we highly recommend them). We provide on the job training working on live projects with daily mentoring programmes. We breed experts not rookies.

2. We wouldn’t spoon feed you here. No one has time for that. That’s counter productive. Go back to nursery school if that’s what you are looking for.

3. We don’t perform miracles. We are not Jesus Christ. I know a number of churches I could recommend if that’s what you need.

4. If you don’t do the work for a minimum of 8 -12 week we will not give you a work reference. Securing a job in 1 week or 2 weeks after training is a fluke and you will probably get fired blaging your way through. Be in a hurry to be ready don’t be in a hurry to get a job. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner. We don’t fake up references here.


What we can promise you:

1. 8 – 12 weeks of stress, hard work and extreme pressure. If you are already married get a visa from your partner as they may not let you out for that long.

2. Practical & Hands on training on the job, meaning you are so going to mess things up in the beginning but practise makes perfect. Better you mess it up here than when you secure a high paying role.

3. Work experience working on multiple live innovative tech projects, meaning x3 of the stress, pressure and experienced gained.

4. Industry standard tools training to expert level. Giving you a competitive edge over your peers.

5. Daily mentoring, professional CV writing and interview prep. Nothing beats learning from those who have been there and done that. Iron sharpens iron.

6. Work reference provided you have done the work. This way you can start work on Monday in peace.

7. On going support and membership to the DBT 2,000 strong Eco system.


Here at Career Insights, as long as you are on the DBT train, your stop will come.

However if you are looking for a promise and guarantee based on our efforts and not yours, you’ve come to the wrong place.

It’s pretty simple. We will use and abuse you legally to complete our projects while you will use and abuse us legally to gain practical work experience and secure your next £550 a day PM & BA job.

The only thing you pay for is the initial weekly or weekend intensive training. Everything else is FREE of charge. It’s illegal to charge you for work experience.


It’s a win win.

Time you stop running with footmen and start flying with high flyers.

Life is tough, keep complaining and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Do something about it and let others do the complaining.

Let’s make a success story out of you too. It’s not about getting you into a job, anyone can do that. Hec! You can do that yourself.

It’s about creating a lifestyle of career progression and success. Be the envy of your friends by default.

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