Why Work Experience In Business Analysis Is Key To Securing Keeping A BA Role


IMG_4473Which is worse? Running out of battery on your phone or running out of fuel in your car. Now let’s relate this to your career. No work experience or the market is too competitive. Which is worse?

No matter how competitive the market is, gaining work experience is the key to gaining a competitive advantage over your peers. Having no work experience is worse than having to compete in a highly competitive job market.

Today is the last day of March 2015 and we have far surpassed our targets for the month.
We saw 30 of candidates secure life changing PM and BA jobs. That’s 10 candidate above our standard 20 a month.

Why did this happen and will it continue to?
With the new strategies we have in place to help fast track our candidates careers through group and personal mentoring, plus our elearning tools and on the job training as they work on live projects, there is no doubt in my mind that repeating it is not just a possibility but surpassing it is now my focused reality.
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deWe are in the business of making success stories out of people and our success is entirely based on that. We believe that practical work experience with hands on training and constant mentoring is key to becoming an expert within the project management and business analysis field within a short space of time and we have an amazing success story to show for it. Please take your time to read this candidate’s success story and how she secured her BA role with the Cooperative Bank. Nothing beats hearing it from the horses mouth. There is a reason why over 20 of our candidates secure PM and BA jobs each month and there is a very good reason why they keep their jobs, have their contracts renewed and secure more contracts. Take you time to read this candidates journey from struggling to get into the BA field to finally securing and keeping her role.

cooperative-bank-logo-268450Hello Keji,
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my testimony. My journey into the Project Management Profession started  when I resigned as an Administrator with the University of Manchester in February 2013, I resigned without any job because I was tired of just being an administrator with two Masters degree:
1. One from the Manchester Business School- MSc Information Systems: Business Information Technology
2. Second from University of Ibadan- MSc Information science
And a degree in Computer science.
I have also completed the ISEB Business Analysis modules, just need to go for the oral interview, and I am a PRINCE 2 Practitioner.
So I got my first role as a Project Analyst with an organisation, but lost the contract within four weeks because I was unable to deliver to their expectation( one thing I have not mentioned is that I went for  a Business Analysis training that was not practically inclined and I will say was not hands-on, I got my CV and I launched myself out, but I could not deliver because I do not have any experience- this job was in August 2013.
After this incidence, I was for a work experience with a University in Manchester for 4 weeks- Manchester Metropolitan University in Novemember 2013, while with them I got a BA role with a consultancy firm, who thought they will secure a big contract from Capita, but that did not materialise and because they have never dappled into Business Analysis before, they had to shut down the Business Analysis centre, and the team had to go, this incidence threw me back into the Job market in May 2014.
Bearing in mind, I have got not much experience, I wanted a role that will allow me have access to  a live project where I will get this experience and also start the career path in Business Analysis.
A role came for me in August 2014 as a BA contract for a city council transformation project which I grabbed with my two hands, but unfortunately for lack of experience I lost that role after 6 weeks, they expect a contractor to crack on with the job without spoon feeding.
Having being able to document and access the gaps in me attain my goal as a BA, when I heard that CI was coming to Manchester in October 2014, I was one of the first to register and take up the training, having read peoples success story and also heard about the eco system.
To cut, the long story short, I came for the training in October 2014, and the handyman project started in January 2015, by Februrary 2015, I sorted out my CV and posted in all the job sites and viola!!! secured my first role on Thursday 26th March 2015
While facing the interview panel, on Wednesday all I could discuss and remember is the Project I am working on and at the same time thinking of the hands on experience I have gained since joining Digital Bananas.
Like, I said earlier, I will register to have a mentor, so that I will be able to perform beyond expectation when I start the role.
I have always wanted to get into the financial services sector and the Lord Almighty has done it. I have two interviews for next week: Money Supermarket and Think Money.
Well done Keji for this laudable idea, and may the Almighty continue to prosper and increase you on every side.
I mean it, God is indeed faithful and one needs to get their hands dirty to be able to share a success story.
Please keep me anonymous, because I have not shared the news with my Project team and I want it to remain like that, till the Project have moved up stages, I am not starting until May 2015.
All my details and location too must be anonymous cause my project team will get as you mention “Manchester”
I will give Ibitunde a call about sorting my references
Have a lovely weekend and God Bless!!!!
Now it’s your turn. 

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