Why You Should Never Ever Give Up. Ever!

“Good morning Keji,

Success story but long post alert!

Please keep me anonymous on all platforms except telegram

I have been contemplating whether to write this long epistle or just give a two liner and move on, but I am positive there is someone on this platform who needs to hear this!

I joined DBT in Sept 2016, at the time I was at my lowest point ever in life because I was fed up with a job that took all my energy and time. I desperately needed a career change, so decided to come for a tester session in Aug ‘16 when the ads won’t stop flashing on my facebook page. Attended the one-week intensive session, then joined projects but decided to take my involvement slowly as I set out like a month to watch most of my “must watch” videos and take notes then fully became involved in projects, by Dec ‘16 I was made a project coordinator then went from that to a project manager in about a month. I project Managed DX-Governance. This project tested my resolve, it stretched me beyond what I thought I had capacity for. This in addition to my day job was killing me gradually but I preserved because I knew what I was aiming for.

Along the way I was made a PMO Analyst while still holding down the Project Manager role as well as my day job. Well this is when as a person you begin to ask yourself “who send me”, but I took all in good strides and I had help along the way with the amazing teams I worked with.

Whilst doing all these, among some personal issues and struggles, I had a visa appeal issue pending with HO; what started as a joke escalated very quickly into something beyond my control, I hoped against hope to have multiple wins along the way, I won some but towards the end of last year, the final decision was made and suddenly my well thought out and planned life fell through my hands, I had been in the UK for almost 10 years but made up my mind to pack up and go back home, instead of continue spending my non-existing energy and finances on this – I was simply tired and threw in the towel. Believing God for the absolute best.

This made my involvement in DBT inconsistent because then readjusting is tough when you have been away for so long, but I soldiered on. I was not attending meetings but I kept watching videos and taking in everything. I have applied for jobs nonstop and sometimes, when I state my salary expectations I even tell myself I am crazy, but then I know what I have invested in and what I bring to the table. An International NGO picked up my CV and I went through an interview process for over a month. At this point even when you get the job, you are so tired because of the long interviewing process but glad to say I got the job. Which by the way is just my starting point. As someone told me, this is my soft landing and I will take it from there.

I have made great friendships on this platform, friends that have become my sounding board at various times when it got too much and I just wanted to quit but they kept encouraging me. Keji I won’t even bother mentioning names because there are just too many people to mention. But I am most grateful to you for holding onto this vision and creating this environment and making people believe that there is more on their inside. A massive thank you to the last PO team, DX-Governance, DX-Mobile, BOT FAQ, FHF project teams and all other project teams that have enabled my learning so far as well as every single person who has been a part of my success on this platform and beyond.

I intend to stay on this platform for far longer than this, because what is on here is gold. It may seem like child’s play sometimes but then, child’s play doesn’t keep you up till 3am/4am. Identify your strengths and career path, take in all you have to take in, work smart, be teachable, make connections (no man is an island), if you can afford it get on the extra trainings, go at your pace and most importantly GET INVOLVED. Nobody will hand you anything here on a platter. There are jobs everywhere, just do your bit, perfect your craft and they will come knocking and you will be answered when you knock.”


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