Will you be among them in 2018

2018 is only a few days away and if by now you cannot comfortably tell yourself that in 2018 you will be a digital expert earning up to £850 p/day then you need to be inspired yet again by this success story.

Just like you will read this success story and think AMAZING, people will read your success story in 2018 and say AMAZING.

Be inspired

Let’s get inspired for 2018!!!!

thanks a lot Keji….you are truly a HUGE blessing to us all, thanks so much for this platform….i am still surprised at the offer as this was my 2nd ever interview exactly 2 weeks ago

be rest assured a lot of people have been waiting to hear mine and this will definitely inspire more hearts and souls on this platform

God bless you really plenty Keji, you are truly special

i am all the way on Digital Landlord (Tier 1) please bear with me, I intend to pay the full £950 by or before 15 January 2018

if i can get the reference and checks sorted ASAP, hopefully it will all be confirmed within 2 weeks….

please can I check the best email for you again?

i will compose a brief success story for telegram shortly

and send to you if thats ok with you?

George Odijie is my mentor and preceptor on mentor+
everything you say here is definitely true and for real….every training and insight you have brought up this 2017, I tapped into it

i am staying on the platform for life, i currently have up to 1 year subs, but will migrate to eWork 4.0 once it goes live

big data, i jumped, GDPR, i jumped, DXDM, I jumped, and soon Salesforce CRM training i will be there

even the ongoing 7-days free training i have been on it

Hi Keji, compliments of the season! I have just secured a Lead BA role for Data Migration within the Digital Services on Information and Security (I & S) for a Government Department. The role will help carry forward the Department’s programme to implement all aspects of information and records management, governance and assurance, Data Protection, compliance and casework, IT security accreditation, cyber security, physical security, personnel security and business continuity.

I want to thank GOD for this opportunity and for making all the hardwork pay off.

I want to thank you Keji, you are truly a HUGE blessing to us all, thanks so much for this platform, and God bless you really plenty Keji, you are truly special!!

I want to thank especially George Odijie (my Mentor & Preceptor) for all those late nights learning and working hard, Harry Boje, Victor Oziabor, Laurenta Sanjo, Ola Ememerah, Michelle Hoyte, Caroline Nnadi, Stella Anyakora, Kemi Ademiju, Igho-Anne Mowoe, Oyinua Banigo, Oludare Olorunfemi, Femi Adedoyin, the Directors, and everyone who has helped me along the way on my journey.

My only advice to everyone on the platform is it pays to work hard, get your hands really messy and dirty, get involved in projects, take up tasks and shadow Project leads or Programme Leads as much as you can — truly ‘’Iron sharpens Iron’’ and ‘’its in the doing that you will be in the knowing’’
I am sure I will see everyone else at the top soon….’’

5000+ success stories can’t be wrong


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