With just £2,545 you can be part owners of 4 Luxury Four-bedroom Houses in Lekki

Our next Digital Landlord investment is upon us.

We are buying four of these luxury 4 bed terrace town houses in Osapa London, Lekki for two main reasons, the instant Shortlet income of 10% each year to you and up to 16% capital gain each year with a view to sell off in 10 years, giving you 100% on your capital and up to 160% capital gain.

The property is now going for N65m and by next year will be N75 million at the minumum. We can expect up to 16% increase each year. Current purchase price is N60m. Was N50m last year before development started.

It’s based in Osapa London in Lekki, Lagos state. The metropolitan city of Nigeria.

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Now what’s the real catch here:

We already invest in real estate in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria where we feature our properties on, Airbnb and many other with rates as high as N60K per night.

This estate has 25 units of 4 ENSUITE bedrooms duplexes tastefully finished with state of the art materials, its a place of rest from the hustle and bustle in Lagos. It is a gated estate within a gated and well catered community, with top nouch security,24/7 power supply, swimming pool, gym, fast speed internet with each terrace coming with 2parking spaces.

It includes children play ground and perfectly located in prime location near Victory Park estate.


All these make the oasis park estate a dream destination.

What stage are we currently in and where are we going?

We are now 4 months away from completion in time for the Christmas holidays where short-letting is at it’s peak in Lagos state. The estate will be complete and ready to move in by August latest September 2018, furnishing will be completed by October 2018 an ready for listing on all our property listing partner sites.

The guest room is converted for a resident chef/ care taker who will live there 24–7 to care for you and your guests.

Built & furnished to luxury standard making it attractive to Nigerians in diaspora on holiday, expatriates and local residents looking for short stay homes.
Each room is Shortlet at N50k — N60K per night meaning you make N150k per night from 3 rooms. During off peak times, it’s rented at N45K per night.

The interior style you expect should look like this. The image below is one of our properties at Bella Residential in Lekki Ikate:


You will be able to occupy the homes up to 215 days in a year and it will be on short-let for 150 days in a year.

Projected income in N30m a year from all four properties, That’s £60,000 income per year. Remove maintenance cost and you have £50,000 income a year.

When the homes are not occupied you can book and stay there with no charge because it’s yours remember. You have 215 days to choose from subject to availability because you will be among the part owners as Digital Landlords.

This investment portfolio is part of the Digital Landlord portfolio running on blockchain technology (SMART CONTRACTS).

You have two choices, invest solely in the Osapa London portfolio or in the entire Digital Landlord portfolio which gives you a share of all other investments such as the 150,000 square metre of land in Sangotedo which promises the first SMART homes in Nigeria with over 500 homes, state of the art school, hospital, day care centre and so much more.

We raised over N200m in January 2018 and agreed a deal with the Landowner to develop the entire estate over a 2–3 year period.

Here are the stats from our last investment round:


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