Women are taking over the digital space in UK & Nigeria

It’s incredible how women are taking over the Digital space both in the UK and Nigeria.

This week alone we shared an all inspiring success story of a lady who secured a Lead business Analyst Role in the UK. Meaning she will be leading other experienced business analysts.

In Nigeria we hired one of our candidates to join our digital strategy team as a digital content manager and First Bank of Nigeria recruited one of our candidates as a Digital Product Manager to join their Digital Lab.

This is the true definition of GIRL POWER!

They came to learn, they applied themselves and they gained the relevant experience needed to secure high paying roles within the Digital Space.

If they can do it, what’s your excuse?

Lead Digital Business Analyst, UK

I just secured a role as an Lead IT Business Analyst working on my areas of speciality User Experience (UX) and Data.

It has been a long journey for me but I came to achieve a goal. I have done just that.

I got involved in a plethora of projects and became so engrossed with tasks, many thought. I was management. I only had one lead role for a Governmental project. However, I multitasked with my other projects. I made sure I kept myself informed with what was happening and often joined two meetings at once.

This journey meant I had to strategise, set out goals for myself and continue to review my plans. Change tactics, study and learn.

Many times I would not get an answer I wanted, it didn’t deter me, rather it pushed me to get more. I was an avid believer on having clarity and being thorough.

I ended up wining best BA Tech Lead at the Awards and it was encouraging, knowing I had achieved so much through God’s grace and wisdom.

You must decide to sacrifice, something will have to give. For me socials, sleep and enjoyment had to go. I toiled through the night instead my ardent brothers and sisters like xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx.

I never accepted no, I challenged the status quo, I never gave up. I came not to get annoyed to to get a return on my investment.

Staying focused is key, do not get distracted by noise on the platform or the shortcomings of the sponsor. Rather focus on why you are hear. Lend a helping hand, give and be ready to receive.

My interviews were eye opening as my confidence grew the more I did. I knew things sure but I was unsettled and at times it showed. Undersell and over-deliver. This is what I what I did in my final interview. I prayed beforehand, Lord I won’t use LinkedIn, I will apply direct and you alone will speak. Even the little prep I thought I would need was forgotten on my laptop. My application was purley by accident.

I got a response quickly and had a phone interview. I asked about the key issues they were experiencing and gave solutions that could help. This was met with positive feedback. Face to Face was to confirm am I a good fit? I had few questions but my answers bode well with my interviews and we laughed and giggled. I knew then, I had this in the bag.

All the while I never mentioned Digital Transformation, SaFe, 3rd Platform Technology, not once. The Lord prepared my role for me I went in for a BA role and came out with managerial responsibilities and travel opportunities. This was my time.

Remember why you are here. Stay focused and do not wait to be asked to do a task, like xxxxx(not xxxxxx o lol) Just Do It. Challenge yourself and have faith God can do it. Almighty God thank you for answered prayers and I give you all glory, honour and praise. Thank you Keji and everyone that has impacted my journey, I thank you Lord for you all.


Digital Product Manager, First Bank Nigeria, (Digital Lab)

Keji good evening,I just got a job in First Bank Nigeria(Digital Lab).My experience in DBT helped me get the job. I worked on three projects during my time there,and further developed myself by constant reading and researching . My name is XXXXXXXX, and this is my Sucess story. Thank you

My new success story:My Journey started in July 2016, I came to the UK to further my studies and used this same opportunity to garner additional skills to remain competitive and relevant in the job market. For this reason, I joined DBT. I further enrolled to be on the EWorkexperience platform, to gain more practical experience, where I was exposed to several live projects. I also took the personality test and was 100% BA. This helped stir me in the right direction, although I was also passionate in becoming an expert in this field prior to the test.

Whist I was in DBT, I was involved in three projects, Legend, HT Focus and Phantom. I held the position of a Deputy BA and Deputy QA in two of these projects. This helped me harness my skills, it was quite imperative to be at the forefront of several projects, this aided me in redefining my career path, made me more accountable, discover skills I didn’t know I possess and most importantly, sharpen my leadership skills. In addition, during this period I was actively researching which also helped me enhance my skills, knowledge and improved my confidence level, especially during interviews.

Fast forward to 2017, I returned to Nigeria, I was no longer a novice, but someone more qualified, confident and well equipped to face the job market. I applied for a role in First Bank Nigeria’s Digital lab as part of the Product team. The Digital lab is first of its kind in Nigeria, it was birth to be at the forefront of innovation and majorly impact on the FinTech eco-system in Nigeria, whilst leveraging on new technologies and collaborations. To be part of this, is a dream come true. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity DBT gave me to kick-start my career.

Digital Content Manager, Digital Bananas Technology

Finally Keji it is here. You believed in me. And this came as a surprise. Ive just being offered a Digital content writer role with DBT -Yes our very own-and I get to work from home. How sweet!

Now to my story. I heard about DBT in 2014 from my bestie from Uni days Chika Nworah. She knew my very first job was a. BA role in 2005 ( you should. know what sort of BA😂). I was so eager to get on the platform in 2015 ( after that BA job i had finance related jobs for years but experienced no job satisfaction as i felt they were monotonous and boring)that we made plans I visited the UK to attend the training sessions. But that didnt work out. I joined the platform in March 2017 , after a devastating news brought my world crumbling and i found solace taking up tasks. My self esteem gone with the wind, two young boys to cater for, moving back to lagos, O my excuses not to succeed were a thousand and. one. Many times I gave up. But i got woke and at the right time too!

As soon as I got on board, I joined the Digital talents and FBN app 2 projects. I was willing to take up any tasks. I didnt care if it was a BA or PM task. I knew i was at the right place but had a tough time determining what role suits me. I did the personality tests severally and had varying results but most times it indicated i am hybrid ( I already had my PRINCE 2 and PMP certifications. )

Come June 2017, i got a role on digital landlords as the Facilitator, and later as the BA.

I took up PM related tasks as well and anchored RAIDs meetings, wrote reports and always bugged the planner and Junior Project manager . I was very hungry to learn anything and everything. I would stay up some times kicking off BA deliverables we plan on starting the next day, just to get the ball rolling. I knew i was at the right place and with the right set of people. Then came the ework 4.0 project. We were assigned to create an infographic video that was fun but info packed. for prospective candidates. It was a very challenging and interesting time working on that with my team members.Every one who held a managerial role on digital landlords gave it their very best. The success stories began when the project was still at its baking stage. And it keeps pouring down to this day.

After your session with us on the 14th of June this year, where we all adopted the new motto “£2000/day is peanuts to me”, I started penning down a success story the very next day. Living in Nigeria the reality of £2000/day is far fetched, but i took mental note of the fact that you were spurring us to greater heights; to think of the impossible as possible and to push ourselves to do more and be better on the platform. Two days before that session i had practically scraped my account to join mentorplus. Same night after we had that session with you, my mentorplus team and I stayed awake until 3am, getting our hands in the mud and we continued on that path ( this is not an abnormality on the platform)

I have read a lot of success stories, have applied for a lot of jobs. and i knew my time was coming but didnt know when. I just needed to keep making progress here and. at the right direction .

I thank Almighty God for this story. He knows our needs and heart desires and grants them at the right time. Thank you to my crew on the digital landlords project; Bimpe Ajala, Funmi Somefun Adesola Ereyemi,Akeem Adekoya,Hope Aguronye,Wole Soyinka, Michael Olurunfemi (my SQL and Tableau mentor), Remi Shedu, Elizabeth Omeragba ( your story is still piping hot), Igho Anne, Monisola Owolabi,Sigward, Adedayo Anjorin, Linda Iruoha, everyone on my mentorplus group. Thank you Esther okpala for painstakingly taking me through mentoring. I know I can still count on you. To my ever dependable mentor George, God bless you. You all believed in me when i didn’t. This is just the beginning; a step in the right direction.

To everyone here waiting on God, He is not sleeping. He knows. To everyone whò has gotten one or two success stories already, £2000/day is still peanuts. To the newbies do not underestimate this platform. Loose sleep. Shut out the the power the platform has in turning your lives around. So shut out the distractions. Attend the sponsors meetings. Listen in on scrum of scrums. Log into meetings whenever even if you seem lost. It will all fall into place with time. Plus you dont know what will be said at what meeting that might be just what you need to ace that interview. Share with the sucess of others. Also remember that you cant give what you dont have. So engage fully in projects, actively participating. And please do not apply for jobs if deep down you know you would be unable to walk the talk. If you know you aren’t ‘there’ yet, dont give in into pressure to apply.

Thank you Keji. May God bless you with more wisdom and may the down pour of sucess stories never cease! Keep being who you are.

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