Work Experience Trumps Degrees Professional Qualifications When It Comes To Securing A PM or BA Role But The Certificates Still Help

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“I don’t want you to leave here trying to remember what you have been taught I want you to leave here knowing and applying what you have experienced” – Keji Giwa

With a track record of rolling out 20 success stories each month with candidates securing project management and business analysis roles after gaining practical work experience and hands on training with a fully comprehensive ongoing mentoring program, we are fully convinced that you need work experience within the project management and business analysis field in order to secure a job. Professional qualifications says you are qualified but work experience says you are the best candidate for the job and gets you hired.



The issue most people have is that most companies are not willing to provide such work experience when it comes to implementing a multi-million pound project with set timelines, tight deadlines and  budgets. The risk of managing projects from conception to deployment is just too high to start taking on inexperienced candidates for the job.

This is where Career Insights comes in. Through our parent company, Digital Bananas Technology, a tech incubator for technology start ups, we have been able to give thousands of people the opportunity to gain practical work experience working on live innovative projects after completing their intensive hands on training with us. Theyare then assigned a personal mentor who guides and directs them as they start applying for work and providing on ongoing support on the job once they secure their first role.

Take our most recent success story for example. He has chosen to remain anonymous and as a result, we will call him Mr Superstar for now. Mr Superstar, joined us exactly three months ago (12 weeks ago, the amount of time we recommend it should take for you to secure your first role), he completed his hands on training program with Career Insights and started gaining practical work experience working on our mass payment referral system for iOS and Android using paypal’s mass payment API solution.

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The team before him worked on the online web version above. The app enables existing candidates to recommend their friends, track their progress and get paid for their referrals. We saw a 30% uplift in sales and a dramatic reduction in advertising cost. As a result, we decided it was time to capitalise on the ROI (Return on Investment) generated and scale the business model further. This then gave birth to a new project: CI Referral System 2, which Mr Superstar had the opportunity to be a part of. You can check out the keyscreens for the new project below:


By joining the DBT (Digital Bananas Technology) programme office, collaborating with team members using basecamp (our online collaborative tool allowing team members to manage projects remotely from anywhere in the world e.g from home), Mr Superstar was able to follow our DBT framework and join the BA team responsible for creating the justifiable business case, defining the scope of work, working closely with the project manager to allocate resource and estimate tasks, and translating the business requirements into technical requirements by going through our requirement engineering process. We currently at the testing stages of this project and you can see the keyscreens above for the iOS platform.



Today, Mr Superstar has now secured a Business Analyst role with the ministry of Justice and he is over the moon.

Check out his success story below:

Hi Keji… I have a success story for you. Coming soon. Won’t be requesting a reference from you though , I have sorted that out with my current employer…. Subject to terms and conditions…First you must promise to keep it anonymous both on basecamp and Facebook.

Yes I have been given the offer. The Role is Business Analyst- Business Transformation with Working links , a subsidiary of Ministry of Justice. ( yea I know you said about 3 of your candidates got jobs there).
My name is ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||. I am currently working on the Bankmypals project as one of the BAs and also on the handyman project. I intend to still keep working on these projects till they are completed.

Thank you for all you do. This isn’t the full story tho but yea that’s the gist of the job. God is good…..

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