Work Experience with Career Insights Got me a Programme Manager Role with Google

“I have brilliant news!!!!!!!

But I have to be anonymous!!!! Even on telegram

Programme Manager role at Google ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

I am still in shock. Cannot believe this is my story. I joined DBT in June 2016 and got my first success story in August 2016. for a project coordinator role which, that lasted 5 months. After that, I decided not to apply for coordinator roles as I wanted better and focused on being a digital project manager.

I was already a part of these projects on the platform:

Hunger Games and Exodus 2. After my first contract finished I joined the NDIC project and got a lead role, following that I also got a lead role for the Social Media project. Initially when I first joined, I started with taking minutes progressed to reporting writing before taking on the lead roles. I worked tirelessly day and night and would often sleep off in meetings that lasted till the early hours of the morning . Fast forward to February 2018, I joined your CV boot camp, revamped my CV using your templates and uploaded on to the different job boards. I didn’t apply for roles but my phone was ringing non stop as the CV was . Even jobs that were not advertised I got calls for. Not sure if you remember but you spoke to me the morning of the 1st interview for this role and I was so nervous even answering your questions during the mock interview. Your advice on that call was exceptional. Do you remember telling me to describe my wedding day and I just kept going on??? Well that did the trick and I was so relaxed and calm during the interview. Bearing in mind this was an interview I decided not to attend last minute due to my nerves!!!!

Anyhooooooo a few days later I got a call saying they were really impressed with my experience and the way I answers their questions wanted to invite me for a second interview!!!! This was going to be solely focused on the technical side of things . Hmm I thought these people cannot be referring to me! Didn’t think I would get past the first stage and had made up my mind I was attending just for the experience. I had a day’s notice to learn all I could about User Experience and I had a meeting (until 4am) with a dear lady on the platform (Caroline Fatanmi) who taught me most of what I knew about this from the BA side. Come the second interview and it was a breeze! got a call today to say that I had been successful. As I speak to you I have another 2nd interview slated for tomorrow for a senior digital PM role with a charity and another first interview with a major betting company slated for next week. I will attend the interviews but I am certain which role I will be accepting. Best part is, the role I got today is for a programme manager role with a major search engine company . I started out looking for a Project Manager role but got a programme manager role with a global organisation .

My advice to everyone will be to get their hands dirty as nothing comes easy. Watch the videos(very important) and volunteer to take on tasks and also. to present to the stakeholders and sponsor as that goes a long way in building confidence. Tonight I will sleep like a baby knowing the hard work has paid off.

I would like to thank you for this amazing platform as it has changed my life already. Please keep doing what you are doing, as you are instrumental to changing a lot of lives… I would also like to say thanks to my project team members. They might be able to guess who I am as I have requested to remain anonymous but will definitely be letting them know who is behind this story. I am certainly here to stay as the wealth of information and knowledge is impeccable. Please watch out for my reference request. .

Thank you. and God bless.

I am overwhelmed… thanks so much for this amazing platform

It worked for me and will certainly work for others”



I have been promoted to to become a Senior Business Analyst in 6 months

“Hi Keji, I just wanted to share this with you, since my last success story in October ive gotten 2 other Job offers which I rejected for personal reasons. Currently at my Role I have been promoted to become a Senior Business Analyst in just 6 months. Honestly I thank God I came across your platform because this gave me the need insights to get my foot into the door.”



I have been offered another Scrum Master Role with a mouth watering daily rate

“hey boss,

I got another success story last week of February and a week later, you decide to start giving free subscription days to people with success story. I was just joking when I asked you to extend the good will to candidates who just shared their success stories that includes me of course, but you called me ole… and challenged me to get you another success story. Glory be to God….

Here is the success story you asked me to get oooooo. I have been offered another scrum master role with high brand sport company and a mouth watery daily rate. I don’t need this role as I have just spent few weeks in my current role…..

Please I want to be anonymous….”

– – – – –


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