Yazid Secures An IT Project Manager Role With eWorkexperience


My success story –

IT Project Manager 18 May 2015 to 1 July 2016
Acted as End Stage Report Lead, owned all end stage project reporting, analysed & prioritised all project risks and outlined detailed mitigation plans by project.

I joined DBT May 2015 and worked number of projects but made the most significant contribution to Pixels as End Stage Project Lead , participating actively in our weekly RAIDS meeting, building the Business case, using Jira to build wireframes case etc.

How it started…

Before joining DBT had been long career break and had limited understanding IT Project Management especially using Agile Project Management methodology.

My Training

To bridge this knowledge and experience gap I went for the one intensive course and this prepared me with industry best practice approach to project management and business analysis as whole. Alongside this we were given access and shown how to use relevant tools such as BASECAMP, Project Manager online etc so we could work collaborate effectively . The training itself was lots fun as we were divide into to group A and B. Luckily I was made the team leader for B which meant a little added pressure but my team were very supportive. We given a number tasked-based competition item to complete between our groups – You learn about team work from day one- Lesson Zero – Team work is key all that you do!

My mind was set Project Management and personality on platform personality test consolidated that. But I must say I really enjoyed and gained useful experience in building justifiable business case which core in Business analysis. Lesson One – Whilst remaining at remaining focus on choose carrier path don’t be shy or afraid to get your hands dirty on other fields of career because all interlink.

My Experience

Following one week intensive course, I successfully obtained a ‘domestic visa’ i.e wifey permission to work intensely! (Lesson Two – Organising my personal time and to succeed professionally) because I knew from way we are step up collaborate (Meetings, WhatsApp, telegraphs etc.) some personal adjustments had be met and they were!

I called in to listen to a number of project meetings, development countless workshop and watch a number videos.

Having sample a number projects I decided to stick with One project. (Lesson Three – Choose the number of project you can handle and give it your best!) My advice don’t contribute to ghost attendance list. I always made sure I had some useful contribution and before long I was offered the End Stage Project Lead which in turn provide with opportunity to keep an overall eye on aspect to the project.

I engage my mentor early Otillia who keep it regularly contact me to find out how I was progressing during my work experience. She provide list things to cover and strengthen my work experience. There are over dozens of video interview tips which I watched and watched just like you watch those TVs series ! And I tell is better than my Netflix subscription- I made best use of Otillia’s time- Lesson Four use the online platform resources intensely and main an active subscription.

Took some time and effort before I found a role (I used my time wisely whilst searching for jobs and going through over and over PM must watch videos) Final Lesson – Be Patient your success story will come.


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