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my career insights ework experience success story

As our candidates focus on getting their hands dirty, gaining practical work experience in digital transformation as project management and business analysis professionals, building up their data driven and analytical skills, learning how to deal with difficult stakeholders, engage third party vendors, build long lasting relationships with clients and learn to visualise and interpret data, we focus on making sure they share their success stories with you.

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Hello Keji. .. not sure how to show my gratitude to God for your life and for giving me the opportunity to be part of DBT. Its being a great turn atround. This is my 3rd role since DBT and it’s getting better. What’s interesting is that I have being swiching from Digital Business Analyst to Scrum Master role with no challenges. It’s really fun being hybrid.

I joined DBT in 2015 but only became active in 2016. I have worked on many projects and Eagle Eye/big data and FAQ project were the most recent projects I worked on.

Jide (The Smart one), OluD and Temi Awere (Emperor) are people I will never forget. These guys are now my family. We all worked on Eagle Eye Project and the relationship continues. This is one of the good things about DBT……we are NOW family. Thank you so much bruv.

Massive thanks to YOU, Keji and the Management team (Caroline and Adore) for your effort in improving the quality of DBT.

I just secured an IT role with GlaxoSmithKline

my career insights ework experience success story

Keji please my agency have sent you a reference request and I can’t start my new role without it

I understand you now do the references, if you could look into this I would be grateful

IT Document Controller at GlaxoSmithKline

my career insights ework experience success story

Just got a Project coordinator with GE

It’s incredible how our candidates take their time to get their hands dirty and work hard to achieve their success stories and then the hard work they put in at the point of their training is still very instrumental in helping them secure digital roles months and years later. This is because the knowledge gained at career insights is sustainable.

Hello Keji,

Trust you are good? apologies contacting you on the weekend. just got a project coordinator role with GE.

I was on active on platform in 2016. they will be contacting you for references from jan to may 2016

What email address do I give for reference

More grease to your elbow

Gods blessings on the work of your hand.

Our candidates don’t have two heads. The only difference between you and them is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom (experience) we impact them with that equips them to go out there and secure high paying digital roles with earnings as high as £800 p/day.

All it takes is a decision, dedication, commitment, focus and we’ll empower you too for career success in today’s digital age.

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