Yet Another Amazing Success Story, Candidate Secures a Second GDPR BA Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hi Boss, I got another GDPR BA JOB

This time proper contracting
So I got the first Job which was 5 hours journey everyday, and under IR35 however I needed that entrance at least. I really want to Thank you again for this platform because after the sessions with Wale I kept on applying.

My experience in the council for the 2 weeks I worked really made me realize the amount of information and knowledge we are exposed too in DBT.

Back to the Interview day, I got there by 11 am and was interviewed by a lady in her 50s who I later discovered was the Owner of the recruitment agency, she was interviewing for a very important client of hers (I will keep them anonymous for now as they already getting questioning from clients in regards to GDPR). After about one and half hours of drilling (I mean it oh) she covered every area of my C.V before diving into GDPR she told me I will have to meet with her client the next week. However she then ask if had any other interview coming and I answered yes in 2 days. The next thing I heard was can you check if you could extend your train ticket let me quickly call my clients like right now to see if they can interview you today. Well 3 hours later I am in this board room with 3 people and list of questions being fired at me, well I started WALEING to best of my knowledge for another one hour or so.

You know it got to stage when I of the interviewers ask me a question the other replies to Him that my last answer already covered that questions lol.

Well after everything I got a call that same evening from the Agency that they are supposed to interview another person the next morning and they will let me know their decision after that, she however told me to pray to whatever God I know as the PM really liked my performance and He believes He can work with me.

Ok oh I set alarm sharp sharp, 2 am when the atmosphere is clear Bros I prayed, though it might sound sellfish but I immediately change the outcome of that interview with words to favour me only. I know you are a Man of Faith so will understand.

12: 30pm the next day I GOT THE CALL, she told they offered me the Job which was way over £400 a day for 6 months, that’s more than my one year income AS-IS. She then said please resign right now from your current Job, I got e-copies of the contract that same day which I did sign, got my start date of which I just completed my first week, they didn’t ask for referencing.

One thing I skipped was when she asked me of my plans for the next few years, I just TALKED KEJIs DIGITAL FUTURE, and she was like you must really be way ahead of time with such Big dreams.

Boss once I settle in and catch up (FINANCIALLY) am starting more trainings with DBT prefairably DIGITAL MARKETING OR BIG DATA.

There are certain facts I have come to believe about DBT
1. DBT is designed to suits everybody no matter how slow, fast or forgetful you are when it comes to learning.

2. DBT is more than a one off training experience, it’s a family people constantly working together to improve and maintain their life.

3. Whatever you spend in DBT both for subscription, additional trainings or whatever it may be, I can guarantee you that you will get it back in the 1 month of your first Job.

So my advice don’t think you are feeding KEJI by being on the platform because he has already sown his seed over the years and it’s harvest time for Him. After all I am another product of that seed. My life has been changed for the better boss and I want to thank you specially, and for the trainers and helpers of the vision – God bless you, especially those people that take time to answer general questions that’s thrown on the platforms by people who are probably stock at work or are about to go for interviews; OLUWA bless you all richly. And to those who are still looking for their 1st Entrance into the market, my advice is that you keep getting your hands dirty, or maybe if you are like me keep getting your eyes and ears dirty, I learn faster and remember

better that way :see_no_evil:



Reading his success story just added the icing on the cake complementing all the success stories this year giving me the best gift a man can receive.

The ability to make a difference not just in your generation but generations to come.

It’s always a fulfilling feeling to see someone else confirm why you do what you do by a direct result of them seeing the difference in their life.

Last week from Nigeria to Canada – BA job secured within a week.

We preached GDPR and those that had an ear heard and followed.

We are still preaching digital transformation & data driven marketing. Those that have an ear and hear are giving testimonies everyday.

We are now preaching our own cryptocurrency because now we must start creating potential millionaires.

God has used me to help thousands secure high paying roles and still doing so. Now let’s create millionaires.


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