You are not a flipping cat, you are a ROARING LION. Get it?

As from today, it’s time you all start under cutting yourself.

If you don’t appreciate yourself you will depreciate.

If you don’t know your worth & value, someone who does will either try to stop you from out shining them if they are insecure or elevate you if they know theirs.

For those who don’t see your worth and value, well where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable.

I want everyone to read this. I am covering the name and company.

When you become a lion you stop chasing after rats when you where a cat. You chase down buffalos, zebras, giraffes and even elephants.



– — –

Hi Keji,

Thank you for the refresher lesson on digital transformation earlier today . A couple of weeks ago I attended an interview for a digital agency called XXXXXXX and I was interviewed by the digital project manager. was suppose to be working under . During the interview she was blown away by the amount of knowledge I displayed in regards digital transformation and the role and projects I have worked on . At a point she was even telling me that I was too over qualified for the role . I thought she was joking . She said that a lot of seasoned digital project managers out there have not done as much I have done . After the interview I felt fulfilled thinking that I have landed the role , only to told a couple of days later that I was too over qualified for the role and that they felt I will not stay long in the company . I just felt she was scared that I might take her job, because half of the think I said I have done, she has only read about them .

I have not given up , I know my success story is around the corner . I have gone too far to turn back now . Thanks once again .

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