With over 30 candidates securing new roles each month, we still have a small minority of candidates who end up leaving our platform unhappy.

Two types of candidates come out of our platform with two different stories. The majority fall into the first category below while a small number fall into the latter.

1. Those who finish with flying colours and secure high paying project management or business analysis roles. They send in their success stories, you read them and become inspired because they put in the work required to succeed.


2. Those who abandon the platform half way through their eWorkexperience program because they just couldn’t be bothered to put the work in.

Joining our 3,000+ ecosystem requires the following:

1. Commitment
2. Patience – not looking for quick wins expecting a miracle
3. A proactive mindset
4. Hard work & team work
5. Understanding that work experience actually means getting your hands dirty and not just being spoon fed.

You want to go out there and show employers you have what it takes to manage a multimillion pound project and you want to know you deserve to be paid up to £11,000 a month doing it. It’s no walk in the park. It takes your time, commitment, focus and 110% attention because you are going from no work experience to a highly experienced PM or BA professional within a very short space of time.

13233087_10154145859329043_8534305171550341009_nIf you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out. That’s the nature of the game.

Our successful candidates don’t end up with life changing success stories by coming out of kindergarten, it happens from coming out of a hot burning furnace where they rise from the ashes stronger, sharper, smarter and with clear evidence of successfully deployed projects to show for it.

Unfortunately, spoon feeding can’t get you ready for that.

The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty.

13227122_10154145859344043_7819991747064211272_nThe next time someone gives you advise about Career Insights or Digital Bananas Technology (DBT), make sure they are true DBT heroes. Make sure they qualify, meaning they have a success story from Career Insights to show for it. Anything less and you may just be taking advise from the wrong person.

Check out the conversation between myself and a candidate who has just secured a role and still working towards securing her ideal role. She’s not settling because she knows she deserves more. That’s a true DBT Hero.

Her details have been covered up for data protection and privacy reasons. See screenshots to the transcript below:

First her success story:

Hey Keji hope you are doing great? Like you always say, celebrate every achievement and look forward to the bigger ones. I have just been recruited to work in one of NHS trust in their Admin & Clerical unit on contract. I will be needing reference from you soon. I join DBT in June 2014 and Adeshole Cole is my mentor. The success story will follow soon. Thanks so much for providing this amazing platform. I have been in contact with Ese as well. Have a loving weekend.

Secondly she opens up

You know when I told people that I was about starting a training course with Career Insights, all sort were said to discouraged me but I went ahead with the course which most of it I attended straight from night shift, after the course I joined the live projects while doing my day job and at the same time started my masters programme, raising two young kids and passed my prince 2.

13237659_10154145859249043_4761127825127141126_nIt wasn’t easy but I pushed on, attended all meetings, mentoring sessions, sponsors meetings and watched all the videos. After completing my masters course, I decided to select a mentor, since I have worked with Otillia in some projects before I contacted her but unfortunately she was unavailable then Adeshola Cole was available and since she have experience in the banking sector, I decided she will be the best choice since I have worked in the banking industry before. I did my session with her and when it was time to start applying for jobs, same people told me that DBT was blacklisted in the industry, that I won’t get a call and won’t get any reference from you.

After two weeks the calls started coming especially from international companies though some wanted knowledge of some applications which I didn’t have but I was glad they called despite having DBT on my cv. I took it upon myself to learn how to use those applications to give me competitive advantage next time.

At the moment I have completed an online assessment for one of the international companies which I passed and I’m waiting for the next stage, I’m hopeful that I will get the job. I already have an offer from NHS trust and I’m still applying daily till I get that job, that company that I really want. Thank you Keji for this platform and keep doing what you know how to do best. Is your passion and commitment that drives this organisation. Well done. This is not a success story just to say people were wrong about Career Insights and DBT. I just proved them wrong.

Funny enough most of them did their training with Careerinsights. Hopefully I will get where I really want to get. Thanks a lot.


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