You Could be Next, All Inspiring Success Stories in September

The most inspiring success story yet, the kind of confusion we crave on the Career Insights Platform 

“Long post alert but believe me, it’s worth the read (if I say so myself ) cos I think I am overdue raving about DBT. A little background to my story. I am one of those people that if someone said it’s sunny outside, I need to go check. Yep one of the doubting thomases of the world!! So, I surprised even myself when I decided to give CI a try after 2 years of knowing about it. (What a waste of a whole 2 years!! I joined CI in Nov 2016 during my maternity leave hoping to up my skills and move into a new role by the end of my maternity leave. I was hopeful however still a bit doubtful. I attended the 4 weekend sessions with Adore, Caroline, Ayo Nunu and Keji and was like a sponge absorbing water. I couldn’t seem to get enough! I watched all the videos and even joined and volunteered for some project tasks before even finishing the training. I joined the MOF-ORM project and got my hands really dirty as they say.

Fantastic professionals on that project. They knew their stuff! The likes of Godwin Okoduwa (who offered me my first BA role – you are one in a million and you MUST win best BA at the Awards), Sheila Egbujie, Dom Delli Carri, Ugochi Okezie to name a few. I really learnt a lot from you all. Unfortunately, the project got halted and it was like the death of a loved one for me. I was so demoralized and stopped everything DBT/CI for a while and was just waiting for my subscription to run out.

All this while, I had been applying for jobs and getting interviews cos I had used Keji’s tips on creating CVs but I just wasn’t getting any offers. So, I was ready to give up and write off DBT/CI as not for me. Then the glitch happened aka “David devilchild” and Keji was giving 30 days!! That became my kick up the proverbial backside and I reactivated myself and saw it as my second chance. Started attending meetings, watching videos and volunteering for tasks again and got a PM role!! Then also I got the indeed smart one Jide Adeoye as my mentor and the quietly powerful Adore Shuko as my preceptor (what more could a girl want). I started applying again and got 3 interviews. The first I attended went so well that before I got home on the day, the recruitment manager invited me for the a 2nd stage interview with the directors. The 2nd stage interview became a chat as I was asking questions and proffering solutions before they finished talking. That was 2 Fridays ago. The 2nd job interview I went for was on Tuesday and it was great as well. It ended with them introducing me to staff I will be working with but needed to speak to someone to finalize things so they said they will let me know on Friday (today). As I was leaving the 2nd job interview, got a call from the 1st job interview’s recruitment manager to say they will like to offer me a role but not the one I applied for (Junior IT PM) but IT Project Manager cos the directors were very impressed with me.

I had the 3rd job interview today and before going, I got a call from the 2nd job interview to say they wanted to offer me the role so I went to my 3rd job interview on a cloud TEN! That too was a chat and before I got home, I got the offer. So, I got the best problem EVER!! Deciding which role to go for!!!

Sorry about the long read but needed to inspire someone badly and rave about DBT. No one on this platform is going to come and hold your hand, it’s all on you. You will get deflated. Things will not happen the way you want but keep the faith, keep the struggle, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. All thanks to God for letting me see the bigger picture to not give up hope (even if it was that of a mustard seed) and for giving Keji the vision to create such an amazing vessel to change people’s lives. Yep I ain’t a doubter no more!!!! Thanks to my Tapify project family for their patience and understanding whilst I was attending my interviews.

To every success storyteller, thanks for the inspiration and helping to fan the sometimes weak flame. To everyone still not sure about the journey and anxious for their own story, please keep the struggle, keep the faith, there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Still not decided yet. waiting for some perks confirmation first 

Capita Transformation – IT Project Manager, Cancer Research UK – Senior PMO Analyst and Yodel – PMO Manager. All about the same package”


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“Good morning Keji & happy new month, sorry it’s coming late. I was the candidate who got a job like 5months ago as a BA/QA Analyst with a Software start-up coy. I just got another job offer with a bigger software Coy(with presence in US and Africa) this week as a Software Test Analyst and also had an interview for similar position with another company earlier this week and they were also impressed with my skillset. My success story cannot cannot be complete without mentioning & thanking Oluwabunmi Docemo,Shola Abhilimhen and Abiodun Gbadamosi, as start-up workload has reduced my participation in DBT but they have been sooo supportive, DBT ladies are really caring I can’t agree less. Thanks Prophet Keji Giwa for this vision & privilege given to me. Please keep the fire Sir.

Afterthought: I think Nigeria market has GAP for QA skillset at this point as start-up coy/technology are on the rise with more focus on programmers, there will be more need for QA Analyst when this product don’t deliver as expected. Our tech industry is still at teething stage here, Sir,there may be a good BC for this you know?

I still have my eyes on BA in the nearest future big time but this is my strategic positioning


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More and more candidates in Nigeria are moving up the career ladder.


“Hi keji, good evening. I got the Digital BA role, It’s my first role since I joined DBT. I cleared the interview easily

Explaining the projects I’ve been on either as a BA or PM, plus the DBT Wagile framework it was quite fascinating to them.

Plus our approach to requirements gathering.

I still want to be on the platform plus buy the tickets for the awards even if I’m in Nigeria.

Thanks keji for your encouragement… God can’t forget you.

Hi keji, what do you think about the offer I told you about”


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We are constantly working hard to help people secure jobs that will empower them professionally and, of course, financially.

“Good evening Keji finally got the job today . Thanks for this platform

Thanks Keji, its with Peugeot

Good morning Keji, I will be needing a ref, however I have got just 3 days to go with my subscription and at d moment I dont have enough cash to get more subscription, I will be giving the agency ur name as a reference and will let you know once it has been sent. Thanks

It will be for a PMO Officer pls

Sorry Keji, yes I just started the job and I was previously informed it was a project Support coordinator role, now it seems to me that it is PM/BA role together”


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You just have to be inspired reading this!

“Gooooooood my director, I have a good news for you. I got a job offer this morning as BA, please what is the process for referencing. However untill all referencing is complete I will not want it to be announced. Thanks a lot, I have learnet a lot since joining Digital Bananas Technology

Keji, I worked a lot using all the resources available, and making friends with as many people as possible, all these have helped me to achieve my target. Also, I did not restrict myself to BA resources and responsibilities only, I took interest in all responsibilities wether BA, PM, or PMO and did all tests available on the platform. I also have mastered the SWAGILE framework and tried to use all available tools which have helped me as well.

While doing these, I also passed my Scrum Certification

Work harder by participating in projects of your choice, volunteering to take up responsibilities, and collaborate a lot as that will help to expose you to areas you never thought about thereby increasing your knowledge of the profession. All these will help to prepare you for the certification and what is required out there. I had 2 hours of hard grilling interview, and they were very happy with my responses.”
“The job is with Guinness”




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When did companies start recruiting for GDPR consultants?

We got in there way before everyone else and now our candidates are laughing to the bank earning as high as £600 p/day

Are you still reading success stories and thinking can this be true? Keep reading, the next one will hit you tomorrow.


“I will share a success story later , got a GDPR role with a consultancy firm .. tough interview 3 stage last stage was speaking with the Director

what it mean , is that They will be sending to their client site to get them complaint , i am realy excited about this. the company is Xcina”



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She relied heavily on the knowledge gained on the Career Insights platform to scale  through her interview and it paid off!

“Hi Keji I hope you are well , long time no speak.

Please I must be anonymous o

Even on telegram

Praise be to God for His Mercy and Faithfulness .
I have a new role.
This is the second role since completing my training with DBT in Dec 2014.
Unfortunately I can’t share my name on telegram or other social media as it is a role in the civil service where I will be a digital business analyst in a sensitive department. I am going through security clearance checks now therefore please keep my identity anonymous on all platforms .
On top of my experience in industry , I relied very heavily on the knowledge gained at DBT . It was great to note that the interviewing panel knew about us.
My advice to my fellow candidates is this , there are roles out there , you just need to be confident you have done the work and can give a solid account of that at the interview .
Thank you for this great platform .

It has to be please for now it’s the civil service please . Plus my people in my old company are pissed off I didn’t tell them I was interviewing I don’t want to be out there like that

You can share the company I’ll be working for Government Digital Service.

Very interesting work too.”


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Are you fed up of your current job and need a more fulfilling career with higher pay?

Have you heard of Career Insights?

We are known for rolling out success stories literally almost everyday or every other day just like this one:


“Hi Keji,

Based on my Mentoring and Training role at DBT, I have just got an Offer for the role of IT Apprentice Advisor. I will be sending your details to them for reference. This is a very Autonomous role and I think I would love it . It also pays better than the NHS PMO Manager role.”

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Why do 95% of our candidates stay on after securing a role?

It’s simple really? Experience is priceless and since we are ahead of the game, our candidates have to remain relevant and continually have that competitive advantage.


“Morning Keji do we still have the offer for the £99 for 3 months offer ? As my subscription will expire in 7days.

I want to renew and I have just secured a role waiting on the contract from capita for a junior pm.”


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She just got a big one!

Some day soon you will rejoice like this.

“Hi Keji hope good. Just to let you know that I have secured a fantastic programme management contract role.

It is a long story but trust me it is on the way

Thank you so much

Hi Keji, I am writing my success story now.

Hiya, the recruiter will be in touch with you. Thank you so much.

Hi Keji, please keep me anonymous from any social media platform. God has been truly awesome to me. I do not know where to start but to begin by saying God is great. I have been offered a Programme Management role in a large organisation and another organisation is offering a senior role. I joined DBT last year and I was on various projects CI –X Files, Dispatcher where I was the Deputy BA Business Lead and also the ES Social media strategy team were also I held a management role and the DX SF – Optimisation where I was the project manager for, and in my opinion the best team on the platform and I am not being biased. I started the project with the same management team and closed the project with the same management team.

I was extremely fortunate to be given that role by my mentor and great friend Femi Adedoyin and I fully remember our conversation where he said make yourself proud in the role and work hard. Femi encouraged me to join the salesforce training which was thought by Oyinua and he said the training will help me a lot and indeed it has. I will fully recommend that everyone joins the training to develop yourselves. I am also extremely privileged and humbled to be in the programme office now.
I want to firstly say a massive thank you to my family, my husband ,5 kids and sister in law who is on this platform Nike Nnadi for their continuous support they have shown me throughout this journey which has sometimes been very challenging but I kept faith in God knowing my time will come.

I want to say a massive thank you once again to a great mentor and friend Femi Adedoyin who never doubted me and kept encouraging and pushing me even when I was hard on myself he told me off. A massive thank you to Adore Shuko and Caroline Aluko, they have continued to encourage me and I will get told off by Adore when I felt down she would tell me I don’t speak to cry babies pick yourself up and push. I also want to thank Kemi Ademiju a fab friend and mentor thank you so much. Doye Biu (alias Dee) I call her my sister from a different mother we both never stop laughing when we chat. I want to thank my DX – SF Optimisation team mates, Ola Bakare, Shola Oshiyemi (both of you are awesome), Seun Kuku, Vivien Akinmade (Best BA’s in the house), Abraham Adeyemi, Oghale Udolu, Theodora Ojeke, Jon Atala, Adeola Pitan, Adesina Oluwasowo, Ezenwa Ozoemenam, Ayo Olorunkoba, Akeem Adekoya, Hamdi Laba, (fantastic team mates) Tina Adedeji Osanupin (the best knowledge executive on the platform), Hammed Sule (my brother from a different mama), Josiah Famurewa (awesome Snr BA), Kenneth Nwokocha, (my right hand man), Rachael Soyombo (a great planner), Sandra Malandra, (thank you for your encouragement), Oludare Olorunfemi (a great friend and mentor), Iyobosa Yesufu, Ify Onochie, Chukwuemeka Livinus, Chris Jatto, Godson Odogwu, Abigail Raphael-Owolabi, Babajide Arigbabu, Mary Laniyan, Isaac Lufardeju, Ortega, (fab scrum masters), Oyinua.

And apologies if I have missed anyone. I will encourage everyone on the platform to stay focused work hard take on board advice given and your time will surely come. I used to dream the dream and now I am living the dream. Thank you so much Keji for this great platform DBT Rocks.”




It all started with a decision. Be inspired!

“Hello Keji Here we go again. Another success story. This is not the first one and by God’s grace not going to be the last one. I was part of the e-commerce project OLEKU 1 & 2 then later to transcend campaign for Lola Odujirin where I acted as PMO and Project Coordinator. I learnt a whole lot of stuff on the project and has helped me all the way. I joined DBT in 2015 and worked alongside other experienced individuals. Now, I am enjoying all the fruits of the hard work we put in while in DBT. My first contract was with Bank of Ireland where I worked as a PMO analyst for over one year then another contract with ACCENTURE UK as Business Process Analyst and now the big one with another European Bank in the UK as Business Operations and Fraud SME. I would like to use this medium to say a very big thank you to you and everyone at DBT for the great job. Please keep me anonymous as the vetting process still on going. And to other delegates with DBT, I can assure you hard work pays”




Have you been inspired lately?  We are. Be inspired

“Ok Keji, this is it. 1st I ‘ll give thanks to the almighty God for his help all this while. I started DBT end of August 2016 then i was on a temporary role as a compliance officer in the civil service sector. I knew nothing about BA/PM.

I did the intensive training during my leave and I got fascinated with the whole thing. Joined projects: Exodus, Oscar award 2016, win hunger game, which unfortunately was halted but prior to that l learnt a lot and made some fantastic friend, one like Essie, Lara, Mohammed. Also a lot of pple have helped and inspired me in some many ways on this platform: Bello, Doye, Bunmi, Victor my great mentor Harry, ,Chukwuemeka, Victor, Leo, Adebayo, Oladipo, Romeo, Babajide, my dearly friend and a sis Grace, Didi and Joy, Sophia, Pearl, Josephine, Aminat and Modupe, my DX ESP sister.

Thank you all. Everyone has contributed to this success, even the success stories you post inspires in us a lot. Keji Thanks so much, being on the platform helps one to have a story to tell in interviews. God will continue to bless you.

My advice to everyone is never give up especially if you’ve been here for a while , your success story might just be around the corner, it’s good to have a break between job hunting but never give up rather get back, improve in your skills and fire again. Also remember to use your real names on the platform to avoid reference issues and complication.”


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He just secured a big one!

“Hello Keji. I just secured a role as a business analyst with an IT company. I will like to get reference. Thanks

UK. Please keep me anonymous for now. I rejoined dbt in February 2017. I worked on the dx epay project. Among those I got support from are Michelle hoyte, odegua mbonu, abi, ese and others too numerous to mention. I sat for a test and applied all the knowledge I got from dbt in passing that test. I was later called for an interview and again, I had to draw knowledge from my experience at dbt. It took a while before I heard back from them only to receive a call yesterday that I have been selected and my offer letter was mailed to me. Thank you so much for what you are doing and how you are changing lives. I will continue on the platform as I want to be a specialist in CRM

My advice to everyone else is first believe in yourself. Then don’t give up. Also, never stop learning. Dbt is the place to be as we constantly adjust our offering to suit demand.”


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eWorkexperience is all about changing lives for the better

“Keji thank u very much

Ur platform (Career Insights) made the greatest change in my life

May Allah (SWT) continue to bless you and the works of your hands

I started at Capgemini (HMRC account) today

Jnr PMO Lead

You have to want it like it’s all that matters.
I was living DBT from the 24th of April 2017

When I knew I was ready to test the waters, I started applying and as God will have it, my first interview and first job is with the company I wanted to work for. Dreams are only dreams if u never live them

But to live that dream, u have to work hard for it

Funny enough, the interview was in my daughter’ 10th birthday so it was really a double celebration for me

The interview questions on the CI platform will prepare anyone who has gotten his/her hands dirty ready to take on any interviewer

Thank u once again

And I’m still coming for the awards and will still remain on the platform.”




From Nigeria, to cleaner in UK, to Programme Controller with Rolls Royce

“Hey Chiefo

How you dey today

This is my story

I got to this country 5yrs ago and I got a job at the hospital… I was cleaning floors and selling coffee but I was determined to step up… I wrote Prince2 and I got a CV.. I was getting like 3 to 4 calls per day from agencies and at least I had like two interviews per week but guess what, I was not getting the jobs

So one beautiful and faithful day, my wife stumbled upon Career insight on Facebook and she told me about it…that was around 2013 July – Aug.. I called the office and I got my self into the intensive class at a discounted price. I attended the classes and I remember you were very brutal back then. 😄

At the end of the week, I was put on the Tellallmyfriends project as the Raids team lead.. It’s was an experience as we had Raid meetings that lasted for over 4hrs everywhere.. And in December, I got my first role as a Project support office. The interview lasted for 20 mins and they even offered me the role before I got on the bus after the interview.

Everything I have learnt from being the Raids team lead paid off at the interview. I was on that role from Jan to June and they extended to Dec

And since then, I have been changing roles

Today I signed a 12 months contract with Rolls Royce

A programme controller role

I will be in charge of four projects

My advice to everybody is never self-disqualify yourself… You can achieve anything you want..

Getting a high paying role is based on what you can bring to the table.. Hiring managers want to know what you done and achieved in your previous roles. They want to listen to situations and how you dealt with it.. The more you get your hands dirty, the more you flow at the interview cos you wouldn’t have to lie about anything. Before career insight, I used to lie at interviews and eventually they always catch me but my first role was my first interview after career insight…I only spent like three months. I honestly wish I had stayed longer and gotten my hands more dirty,

I would have earned my current day rate two years ago”


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He finally got his success story!

“Good morning Keji, finally my success story has landed, this is day 3 of my first BA job on a GDPR project and its still like a dream to me. I came across DBT late year on SHpock app and to be frank with you it wasnt quite sure what I was getting myself into, but 1 thing I knew was that I needed a change. I registered for the 7 days free trail and later called the office to make part payment towards the end of last year. I was finally able to come up with the balance february 2017 and started with DBT. I have done traninngs in the past Keji and spent a lot of money, I have had seasions with friends and read a lot of materials, but nothing really made sence until I Joined DBT. I have been in and out of the platform trying really hard to balance family life and training, well I decided it was time I started going for interviews and I travel tire, yet no success. Then this GDPR saga started and I dived into it Boss, I merged DBT framework with my current case handling role and went for this interview. it only lasted for about 15 minutes and I remember listening to one of the interview prep videos on my way there. to cut the long story short I got called the next day that I have been offered the JOB. Keji I have not put DBT on my CV but my story would not have been possible if I didnt join this platform. I intend to remain here and Grow my knowledge and when am ready go for senior roles with DBT. Thank you Keji for making this platform available to us, you are changing LIfes of many people for the best and God continue to bless you. One thing I always said is I DONT kNOW HOW IT WILL HAPPEN, BUT I KNOW IT WILL, AND FINNALLY IT DID…”




“Good morning Keji, please you will receive a reference request for me from a recruitment agency before they can confirm the appointment. Its my second role after joining DBT. God bless you,

It’s a PSO role at ASV Global (marine industry). My advice to everyone is keep gaining the experience daily and good mentorship is key! That has helped me a lot. Thank you

Hi keji please cover my name up just in case you want to Post it on Facebook

Thank you”


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No, you can afford to take what we do here at DBT for granted

“Hello boss. Got my second contract with a lical authority as a Proj. officer and would be needing a reference from you please.

I’m currently an alumni and was at DBT from March 2015 to Sept. 2016. Got my hands really dirty as I took a couple of roles

Ranti Oyedeji:
Held the following roles whilst at DBT

* Duputy PMO lead ( project level)
* Project planner/ Deputy proj manager ( ES Programme)
* PMO Analyst ( DBT Prog office)
* Assistant Knowledge Manager

My advice for all is to get involved in projects as much as possible, never get tired of asking questions from colleagues.

What we do at DBT is second to none, never take it for granted.”



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