You Had A Purpose Before Anyone Had An Opinion

purposeCan I be honest with you this morning?

I am talking from experience. Focus on making progress instead of being obsessed with being perfect.

Perfection comes from a series of progress made until you get the perfect formula that works for you.

The three most defining moments in your life will be:

1. The day you discover & choose to capitalise on your natural strengths and talents instead of perfecting your weaknesses. All you need to is keep your weaknesses in check.

2. The day you decide to go where you are celebrated rather than just tolerated.

3. The day you realise why you were born. Your purpose in life. The only time people feel they have a right to abuse you is when they don’t value you. This in most times is because they can’t see your purpose in life. The only time you accept their bad treatment of you is when you agree with them. Meaning you also lack purpose.

When purpose in unknown abuse is inevitable.

The day my boss told me to get out to his office because I was merely a project manager and I was not in a position to offer advice on something we both clearly knew he was making a mistake on was the day I walked out to start my own company.

Why? If he can’t value me why do I have to devalue myself based on his opinion.

Know your worth. My friend you were fearfully and wonderfully made for a divine purpose. Don’t abuse yourself by letting others remain blind to the fact that you are a treasure worth appreciating.

If you are not valued at work, come to where you are valued not numbered.

Come to Career Insights.

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I refuse to be devalued because others are blind.


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