Your Map To Acquiring A Better Pay Package And Change Of Career In Just 8- 12 Weeks


Your 2016 Road Map To Moving Up The Career Ladder In 8-12 Weeks

1. Start early. The financial year for most companies start in April. Budgets are approved and they can start recruiting for signed off portfolio of programmes and projects.

2. Gain practical work experience, specialise and become an expert. The world has gone digital and most signed off projects in 2016 will be digitally focused in order to reduce operational cost, gain market share and increase profits just like our parent company is doing with our eWorkexperience platform. They will be looking for experts and specialists. Be one of them.

3. Make sure you have a killer CV. The kind that makes the employer feel they can’t afford you but want you desperately.

4. Make sure you have a mentor in the field you want to specialise in. Why? To mentor you through the job interview process and to provide on the job support.

If project management, business analysis or quality assurance is of interest to you and you like the sound of earning up to £11,000 a month then you need to join us now.

Start your hands on training and practical work experience in Jan and by April get ready to change your career and pay package.


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