Your Success Formula in 2018

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I was at my lowest point in life just about 15 years ago when I came up with this formula and since applying it, my life has never been the same.

As we move into 2018, we are gunning for 1000+ success stories. Yes you heard right. We achieved 700+ in 2017 and in 2016 we thought we were being overly ambitious but hey…. look at us now.

Let’s start with the Success Formula for 2018

Success = (T-F) to the power of e
and Success = 1 which is a constant
Where T = Trial
F= failure
e = experience

I will explain:

Sally passed her driving test at the 20th trial
Peter passed his driving test at the 30th trial

Come what may they all passed their driving test once and if they pass again, they are just repeating a success formula.

So Sally’s success is = (20 trials — 19 failures ) where she learnt from her failures 19 times
(20–19) = 1
1 to the power of 19 = 1
Sally’s success factor is 1.

So Peter’s success is = (30 trials — 29 failures ) where he learnt from her failures 29 times
(30–29) = 1
1 to the power of 29 = 1
Peter’s success factor is 1.

You see what just happened there, you can try 100 times, another can try 10 times, in the end you all will succeed. It’s really down to the rate at which you learn from your experience that reduces your failure rate.

So failure is an integral part of success. The only time you truly become a failure is if you don’t try again.

I was at the lowest of low in my life when I came up with this formula. It was either accepting my faith or understanding that I was going through a journey.

This is what the agile process that the entire world has adopted is all about.

Every break through has come by the relentless attempt to keep trying and never giving up. You keep digging at it. If you are tired, rest but don’t give up. If you are fed up, take a chill pill but don’t give up.

Yes Sade may get her role after 3mths and you much later but you will never get that role if you give up.

Apply this formula here:

John secured his job at the 3rd month.

Bayo’s success formula = ((Got his hands dirty (trial) — Messed up a lot of times (failure) ) to the power of how quickly he learnt from his experience (‘e’ which is equal to 3 months work experience) = Success story in 3 months

Bolade’s success formula = ((Got her hands dirty (trial) — Messed up a lot of times (failure) ) to the power of how quickly she learnt from his experience (‘e’ which is equal to 8 months work experience) = Success story in 6 months

The only time you will not get your success story is if you are not getting your hands dirty and learning fast from your failures which is experience.

Now only you can reduce the rate of failure by increasing your rate of experience.

This is what eWorkexperience is all about.


Be inspired by these success stories this December out of 700+ this year 2017

Even though recruitment slows in December as corporations prepare for Christmas holidays, it still does not stop the success stories flowing in.

He turned down £50 for extra subscription days

Your success formula career insights

I told lady I spoke with to rather give me subscription

I thought she agreed to do that already

Good evening Keji, I secured an Assistant Project Manager role with MOD starting on Monday. Although I haven’t been asked for a reference but just in case I get asked, please I will be in touch with you. Thank you

Joined CI in June 2015 and its the 3rd role since joining.


When you join the Career Insights eWorkexperience platform, you are given 3 months subscription which is enough time to gain the experience required to secure your first role. What tends to happen is 90% of candidates, on securing their first role, continue to stay on the platform in order to gain more experience. Subscription is more valuable to them than getting £50 for each referral they bring. They tend to convert the referral fee into more subscription days.

Why you may ask?

This success story is on his 3rd role. So you see, it’s not just about securing your first, it’s about the recurring roles to come.

Toyin Ajayi is now the cover page of Imperial College’s MBA ad across all their digital channels and traditional press.

Toyin was once a candidate here at Digital Bananas Technology. She completed her eWorkexperience with career insights about 3yrs ago and secured her first Digital Business Analyst role. She joined our Alumni and mentoring group helping others secure digital roles before she went on to complete her MBA. Today she is DBT’s pride and joy.

Candidates sharing their success stories

Hard work truly pays! She applied the eWorkexperience success formula

career insights success story

Good afternoon Keji,
My name is XXXXXXX and my first success story is here.
I just secured a Digital Business Analyst role.
I am so excited. I was the Lead Digital Business Analyst on Data Centre project.
I can 100% confirm that getting my hands dirty was the game changer.
Join this platform with 0%
knowledge of what business analysis was all about but today l can pride myself as an expert all to the glory of God 🙊
Lack words to express how great full l am to God for using you to provide us with this platform.
I want to thank Oyinua, George, Victor, Abi, Bunmi,Oludare, Femi, Mandona (my sister from another mother)Njagga,Yetunde (my mentor) all the senior BA’s, Data center project team Bukky, Joyce, Toyin, Adeola, Aisha, Ayo and my DBT family.
Please keep me anonymous on social media because of the nature of the industry.
Thank you again boss. You are indeed a blessing to mankind.

Career Insights Success story

eWorkexperience here at Career Insights equals the required skill set and experience for senior roles

Dbt Rocks

Hi Keji, it’s good news, the University of Stirling, just offered me a role as Senior Business Analyst, they will request reference from you soon as my nominated referee. Will send my success story in soon

Career insights success story

We are still waiting for this success story as its an amazing testimony. From grass to glory

Yes Keji i was offered a Data Analyst role with Vodafone yesterday

Please the company will contact you for reference anytime. Thank you for providing the wonderful platform. God bless

Please i would have thought to write a different one but please share on anonymous please please

The success stories will continue into the end of the year and we expect 1000+ in 2018. Will you be among them?

This year we celebrated over 700 success stories and FirstBank of Nigeria sponsored the DBT Awards where we celebrate the success of our candidates each year…

DBT Awards 2017 sponsored by Firstbank Nigeria

Just like we did in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Highlights from the 2016 DBT Awards, Anticipate 2017

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